Sundari 4th August 2022 Written Update: Sundari challenges Arun

Sundari 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick drops Sundari in Arun’s home. He gets surprise to see her there. Arun pretends like welcome her and enquires Sundari why did she came here to meet him? Sundari tells him that she don’t wanna drag this matter anymore. Lets talk face to face. Sundari reveals to Arun that she came here to stop this wedding and perform Malini and Krishna’s marriage. But she can’t able to see Murugan in devasted state. Today god gave permission to her. So she changed her decision and accept him. She won’t create any problems in this wedding. Arun tells her Sundari can’t able to stop this wedding even that God too.

Arun says to Sundari it’s not a normal marriage because he gonna marry her for revenge. He will finish his first night with Malini and leave her in her birth place. Murugan will plead with him to accept his daughter. He will ask him to die like the way his father died then he will accept his daughter. Sundari says to him he might be alive for that. She breaks the bottle and stab him in anger. She dreamt this. Sundari says to him god won’t leave her anytime. She was confused till whether she doing right or wrong? But god showed her she is right. She will definitely stop this wedding and perform Malini and Krishna’s marriage. If she fail to do this then she will change her name.

Karthick asks her why did she meet him? Sundari lies to him that she came here to take measurements to buy ring for him. Meanwhile Anu calls Karthick continuous. He asks her to attend her call reasoning she was calling him from morning. He couldn’t attend in his busy schedule. Sundari attend the call. Anu scolds Karthick on phone but she gets surprise to hear Sundari’s voice. Sundari says to him that Karthick driving that’s why he couldn’t attend the call. Anu asks her where are they going? Sundari lies to her that they are going to buy ring. Anu asks her to call her after they reach to home.

Later Anu thinks why did Karthick driving the bike? She doubts Is he has affair with her then changes her mind. Karthick calls Anu. Anu is angry on him for not attending her call from morning. Karthick Apologize to her. He lies to her that some problems is here Murugan is devasted here. Anu tells him Sundari is Murugan’s daughter whats the need to poke his head in their family matter. He tells her it’s emergency that’s why he couldn’t contact her.

Anu says to him he has his own family why don’t he think about his wife and baby. He didn’t attend her call. Karthick apologize to her. Anu demands him to call her morning then only she will forgive him. Karthick nods with her.
Malini checks whether everyone slept or not. She sneaks out of her room while checking whether someone noticing her or not? Krishna thinks doesn’t Malini ignored him then why did she asked him to meet her secret without Sundari’s knowledge. She comes there to meet him.

Krishna asks her to share what’s the matter asap they will get into trouble if someone notice them together like this. Malini demands Krishna to leave from there. She pleads with him to don’t ask reason to her. Krishna tells her if she don’t like his presence then he will leave from here. Malini shares to him that she can’t able to control her heart seeing him. She fears that she will cheat her father. She asks him to forgive her. Sundari overheard their conversation. Sundari talks with them in sarcasm seeing Malini’s situation.

Episode end