Sundari 4th January 2023 Written Update: Anu argues with Sundari

Sundari 4th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu sharing to Mallika that she is considering her as an orphan. Sundari is important to her. Mallika says that there is a limit for everything. She isn’t understanding the situation and blaming others unnecessary. She is trying her best to not to hurt her during her pregnancy time. But she is crossing her limit. She ordered her to follow her. Mallika asks Karthick to repair the car and leaves from there. Lakshmi thinks that Sundari asked her to take Selvi from here but she has no idea how is it possible? Lakshmi consoles Selvi that Sundari will be alright. Selvi says that she is praying for her health. Lakshmi asks her to take rest in home. Selvi refuses to go back to home. Lakshmi fears how she will react seeing Anu with Karthick? Lakshmi thinks that Karthick did a mistake but she was punished for it.

Lakshmi tries her best to convince Selvi to take her from here. Shanmugam asks her to stop confusing her. Lakshmi notices Anu comes there. Krishna asks Sundari to mention the color. Malini complaints that she couldn’t see anything. Why he is troubling her? Sundari tells him that she couldn’t see anything. Krishna says that he is trying to help her. Mallika and Anu comes there to inquire about Sundari’s health. Lakshmi takes Mallika inside the ICU. Mallika inquires about Sundari’s health. She assures her that she is feeling better.

Selvi gets furious seeing Karthick there. Shanmugam and Selvi goes to meet Sundari. Mallika thank Sundari for her help. Anu says that she shouldn’t poke her head in unnecessary matter. Sundari inquires Anu about her health. She says that she has no problems in her life. But others are creating problems for her. Sundari says that she don’t understand her words. Anu says that she is able to understand it but pretending to be not. Mallika warns her to stop talking unnecessary things. Anu tells her that she is talking the right things. Anu says that she ended up in danger for Sundari. Goons kidnapped her instead of Sundari. They tried to kill her. Malini asks her why she is creating unnecessary things. Doesn’t Murugan risked his life to save her? Anu says that he did to save Sundari’s collector dream. Mallika apologize to them behalf of Anu. Anu says that he didn’t do anything for her. He did it for Sundari because she didn’t killed anyone. Krishna says that no one knew whom killed Palani until Sundari find the truth. If she wouldn’t have proved her innocence then she would have not stand here. Anu says that she has no value here. Murugan asks her to stop talking like this. Mallika asks Anu to stop it.

Selvi says that Mallika fails to control her when it needed. Stop pretending like controlling her. Selvi badmouthing about Mallika’s upbringing. She says that they doesn’t care about others lives. They are rich people so they don’t give importance to others feelings. Anu fumes hearing it. Anu asks her to stop talking unnecessary. She wouldn’t have end up in this situation if they kidnap Sundari. She has no connection with this matter. Sundari is the reason for everything. Selvi fumes hearing it. She adds that everyone are aware that Anu killed him. But Murugan didn’t reveal the truth considering her pregnancy. Selvi tries to reveal the truth but Sundari stops her. Karthick tries to interrupt. Selvi scolds him to shut his mouth. He is the reason for everything. Lakshmi pleads with Shanmugam to control her. Selvi says that Anu isn’t giving respect to anyone here. She complaints that Sundari don’t trouble anyone. She only know to help others. Anu tries to insult Selvi. Mallika scolds her in anger and takes her from there. Later, Anu calls Karthick back to Chennai but Mallika warns her to stop being adamant. Mallika complaints that it’s not good for her baby to being adamant. She takes her from there. Krishna fumes seeing Kartick following her. Later, Sundari requests Selvi to don’t talk rude with Anu. She promises to her. Kartick feels guilty hearing it.

Episode end