Sundari 5th August 2022 Written Update: Arun lies to Murugan

Sundari 5th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari shares to Malini that she noticed her leaving secretly. Sundari says to Krishna that he don’t need to leave from here. She didn’t shared to him whether she likes him or not yet? It’s her duty to control her mind. What’s the need to leave this place? Is he fool to listen her words always? Krishna tells her that she didn’t asked anything to him yet but first time asking him to leave. Sundari tells him she is behaving like kid. Sundari demands him to stay here till she ask him to leave. She demands him to promise her. Krishna hesitates to promise her. Sundari asks him Is she important to him then her? Krishna promises to her. Murugan wakes up and goes to washroom. They hides seeing him there. Murugan hears sound and checks whata the sound there? He close the tap and leaves. Sundari takes Malini from there.

Arun visits Murugan house. Lakshmi welcomes him. Arun enquires Lakshmi why didn’t her dad come to wedding? She informs to him that he is not well that’s why he couldn’t attend the wedding. Arun tells her that grandpa may wish to attend his grand daughter wedding. He will send his friends to take him here. She deny it. She praises Murugan for selecting good groom for Malini. His friend appreciates Arun for impressing them.

Murugan comes there and welcomes him happily. His mother in law appreciates Murugan for selecting a good person for Malini. Murgan appreciates him for impressing his mother in law in first meeting. Arun assures her that he will meet them every week end after his marriage. He asks him why did he come here? Arun tells him that he is here to meet Sundari. She will tell him what’s the matter? He asks Sundari in teasing way Isn’t she said to Murugan she met him yesterday. Sundari fears that he will confess all truth to her.

Arun lies to Murugan that Malini asked for pre wedding photo shoot. She asked him to give permission to it. Sundari has no option then agreeing to his words. Lakshmi and her mom says it’s wrong to take photo shoot before wedding. Murugan agress to their wish. Arun lies to him that he has no interest to do it but he agreed it for Malini’s sake. Arun asks Sundari to get ready at sharp 11. He says in sarcasm to bring camera man. After Arun leaves from there Lakshmi asks Sundari why did she behaving like this? Her mom tells her when Murugan agreed to do it.

Lakshmi demands Sundari to take Appatha with her reasoning she is well aware what’s right and wrong? Sundari thinks that she will give fitting reply to him. Meanwhile Karthick asks Korangu to steal the necklace from Sundari he will give amount to him the next moment. Korangu asks him why did he choose him over Palani to do this matter? Karthik tells him he needs a fool to do it. Later Sundari says to Krishna this marriage shouldn’t take place. He asks her what’s she saying? Sundari shares to him what happened in Arun’s home? Krishna gets shocked to hear it. He asks her why did she stayed quiet after heard it?

Sundari tells him she is on worst situation no one will believe her. He is trying to use this situation to plan something big. His Target is Krishna. Sundari tells him he shouldn’t leave like this. He is planning to touch Malini in front of him and irritate him in pre wedding photo shoot. Sundari says to him let’s plan something against him. He might regret for came up with this idea. She shares her plan with him.

Episode end