Sundari 5th January 2023 Written Update: Mallika advise Anu

Sundari 5th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari requesting Selvi to promise her that she won’t badmouth about Anu again. Karthick feels guilty to hear it. Selvi gives a kiss to Sundari. Meanwhile, Anu is crying inside the car. Mallika asks her to sleep if she feels tired. Anu isn’t reacting to anything. Mallika asks her Does she angry on her? Anu asks her doesn’t she scold her in front of her? Mallika asks her doesn’t she has the rights to do it. Anu questions her why did she scold her? Mallika says that she is able to scold her. But what if others comments about her or scold her in front of her? She couldn’t see others hurting her. Anu tells her that she didn’t think that much. Mallika says that they are Sundari’s family. They won’t accept her badmouthing about her. That is why she stopped her badmouthing Sundari. They will throw words at her in anger too. Anu says that she didn’t understand her situation.

Anu tells her that she is feeling weird recently. Mallika tells her mood swings. Its common during pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance. Anu tells her it’s not like that. She feels Kartick is attached to that family. He is her husband and her family. Why he is there? Doesn’t Sundari’s family big. Mallika tells her that family supports each other. Sundari’s family supported us it means they are considering them as their family too. Family wants to support each other. She shouldn’t expect them helping us always. Sundari stayed with us to take care of her. She cured her. She prayed for her pregnancy. Doesn’t Murugan tried to go to jail for her leaving his family. He wants to leave all his luxury life behind to go there. He doesn’t want to make her feel guilty during her pregnancy. But she isn’t understanding her. Her mind accepting everything but not her heart. It’s not wrong to help Sundari in this situation. She consoles her.

Selvi and Shanmugam says to Sunsari they are leaving. She stops Kartick. Selvi asks him Is this the way to pay back his thanks? He doesn’t have humanity? He is giving importance to Anu. One day he will regret his decision for choosing her. Doesn’t Sundari supporting him and did manythings for her. She asks him does he know what is life? He isn’t living a proper life. After his generation his baby wants to feel proud thinking about him. What if his father did the same like him. He wouldn’t have grown up in this way. He don’t understand the value now. Still Murugan unaware of this truth. He won’t handle this situation like this if he come to know the truth. He will cut his head and leave. Doesn’t he ignored everyone for Anu. But Sundari requested her to think about Anu and her baby. She is wasting her life for them. Doesn’t he leading his life with two wives. He doesn’t have mercy. She says that people will say mom’s curse on son won’t affect. But she really feels it want to aftect. She curses him and leaves.

Later, Valli comes to meet Murugan. Valli inquires him what happened? Lakshmi narrates with her what actually happened. She asks her why did she travelled this much? Valli tells her that she couldn’t sit there quit after this much happened. Appatha fears that they are hiding more things from them. She sends her here to check it. Valli inquires them where is Sundari? Doesn’t her exams were over? Let’s leave together. They stands quiet there. Valli fears that something happened to her seeing their reaction. Valli cries after learn her condition. Lakshmi consoles her. she is in hospital. Valli says that it’s good she came here. Or else they would have hide this matter from her. She is adamant to meet Sundari. Lakshmi tells her that visiting time is over. Murugan assures her that he will take her to meet her tomorrow. Valli prays for Sundari’s health. Later, Arun doubts how did Sundari find the truth. Ghilli tells him that Karthick hiding something from everyone it seems. Sundari is hospitalized. She has some problems in her eyes.

Episode end