Sundari 5th November 2022 Written Update: Selvi is adamant to meet Anu

Sundari 5th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari sharing to Selvi let’s go back to home. Selvi asks her whose house? Sundari asks her what’s she saying? Selvi complaints that everyone staying in her house thinking both Sundari and Kartick are living happily there.

After she learnt the truth that Karthick wasn’t living with her how she will go back there? Sundari shares with her lets discuss about it in home. Selvi says that she is taking line saint. She won’t sit quiet here.

Let’s go to Anu house and confront her. She will definitely question her about Karthick. How dare she to marry Someone’s husband. Doesn’t she get another one to marry. She isn’t able to accept this. She will definitely question her about it. She wants to question Mallika about her upbringing. Krishna asks her to don’t go there.

Sundari shares with her that he is aware of that truth. Selvi asks her why is he quiet after he learnt the truth? Doesn’t he confront Kartick for betrayed his sister? She questions Sundari how many persons know this truth? Sundari reveals to her that except Murugan, Valli and Appatha everyone know this truth.

Selvi gets shocked to hear that Lakshmi aware of it. She complaints that everyone ruined Sundari’s life for Karthick. She won’t sit quiet after she saw everything with her eyes. How dare Karthick to betray her daughter-in-law. He might answer for her question today.

She complaints that Sundari should have informed this to everyone in home instead of supporting Karthick like that. It’s not a joke but Sundari’s life. How could he play with her life. Krishna says to her that if she visit her house it will create a big issues there. Selvi asks him nothing will go wrong here. Because Karthick married to Sundari.

She is his legal wife. He married her in front of everyone. No one will dare to mention her as second wife. Anu married to her son illegally. She has the all rights to question them. She chose Sundari as her daughter-in-law. She is her only daughter-in-law. She won’t sit quiet like others. She demands them to take her to Anu’s house.

Karthick comes out of the restroom. Anu asks him why he is sweating like that? He lies to her that he washed his face. Anu asks him what’s bothering him? He lies to her as nothing. Anu says that she knew him better than anyone. She demands him to say the truth.

Karthick tells her that he was worrying about the necklace. Anu assured him that she will take care of this matter. Karthik asks her what happened there? Anu says to him it’s none of his business. He shouldn’t worry about them.

Kartick says that he was worrying about her. Anu asks him to drink coffee everything will be alright. Anu shares with him that she is pregnant not him. Later, Sundari tries to stop Selvi.

Selvi says that she wants to go to Anu’s house. Sundari denied it. Krishna says to her that it will create a new problems there. Selvi says that nothing is equal to the pain Sundari bearing. Sundari asks her to consider about her baby.

Selvi says that child is illegal one. She doesn’t care about it. She complaints about her upbringing. Sundari says that she is Valli’s daughter. That is why she is hiding the truth to save family reputation. Doesn’t she carrying her heir. If something happen to her then she isn’t able to get that sin.

Selvi lashes out at her and stays adamant in her decision. Krishna and Sundari pleads with her to stop getting angry and stays quiet. Selvi lashes out at him. Krishna alerts Lakshmi about the incident. Lakshmi gets shocked to hear it.

Episode end