Sundari 6th August 2022 Written Update: Mallika’s timely help

Sundari 6th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Real estate dealer Gopi meets Murugan. He returns the land agreement to Murugan. He shares to him that no one has money to buy this land someone asking him to sell this land in less amount. Lakshmi tells him that he shouldn’t back off from it in this last time. Gopi advises him to sell it after marriage.

Murugan tells him he is not selling this land without money. But he wanna perform his daughter marriage grandly that’s why he arranged it all. Gopi apologizes to him and leaves. Meanwhile Arun shows model picture to Palani and tells him he gonna take picture like this with Malini.

Korangu tells him that he don’t look good if he take picture like this. Palani says to him he is lying he will look good in this photoshoot. He asks him what’s the need to take picture like this? Arun tells him that he gonna irritate Krishna with this. Gopi comes there and informs him he backstabbed Murugan at last moment. He will struggle to arrange money at last moment. He can send people to humiliate him. Palani thinks that he is planning something.

Later Sundari calls Mallika and tells her broker back off from the deal at last moment. Murugan has no option to arrange money now. She asks her to arrange one dealer to buy this land. Mallika assures her to buy that land. She says to her that she will send 50 lakhs to his account. Sundari deny it but Mallika convinces her. Sundari pleads with her to don’t share it to Murugan. She nods with her. Later Lakshmi meets Karthick and tells him there is some problem. She shares to him that dealer backed off at the last moment.

Karthik says to her that they brought everything for marriage what’s the need for extra money? Lakshmi says to him that she is her only daughter. How will they arrange her marriage without spending money. She asks him to talk with Anu for money. He denies it reasoning it’s risk. How will he ask money to her? She will question him a lot.

Lakshmi says to him that he is treating her like third person. Karthick tells her that he can’t able to narrate the situation to her. If he say anything she will come here to solve the issues. Murugan will learns the truth Anu is his wife not Sundari. He apologized to her for being harsh towards her. Lakshmi doubts what will she do for money.

Meanwhile Arun notices that Sundari coming there with Krishna and Malini. Appatha demands him to send Malini asap after take 2 photo. Arun denies it reasoning it’s Pre photoshoot so it’s need time to take it. Sundari and Malini gets shock to see the model pictures.

Appatha lashes out at Arun for suggesting such photos. Arun tells her that he will do it on reception day. He needs dancing and hugging picture atleast. Appatha gives permission to him. She warns him that she will watch them. Later Arun trying to carry Malini but she is overweight to him. Krishna couldn’t see them like it. Sundari says to Krishna that Arun don’t know how to give pose she demands him to teach him how to take picture.

Appatha also gives permission to him. Krishna carries Malini and gives pose there. Arun gets irritate to see them together. Sundari stares Arun in mocking way. Sundari is not letting Arun to take photo with Malini she demands Krishna to give pose to her. Arun glares at him. He interrupts them. Malini intentionally falls down to escape from photoshoot. Appatha scolds Arun for it.

Episode end