Sundari 7th June 2022 Written Update: Sundari gets emotional

Sundari 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari, she shares to Sidharth that she has no option then this. Her father sacrificed his life for the people whom trusted him. She is also his blood how will she behave different? When did her husband threw her out mentioning her as waste. But Anu whom said her she was diamond. Doesn’t Karnan praised by people in Mahabharath even though he supported the wrong one. Her case is also similar.

Sidharth says that she don’t wanna explain it to him. He will support her in all situation. Meanwhile Subbu calls to Karthick and informs him Sidharth came to visit Sundari in her office. He reminds how doesn’t he throw waste on him in front of all staffs? Karthick asks him to stop remind him that. He adds that Sidharth was keep talking with her. Subbu doubts may he poke his head in office matters. Karthick assures him that he can’t able to do that. Subbu adds that situation may turns anytime so be careful. Karthick disconnects the call. Sundari leaves with Sidharth but Subbu misunderstands them. Karthick meets with Sundari and Sidharth in office.

Sidharth talks with Karthick in mocking way. Is he here to seek job here. Anu says that this is Anu madam office so he owned this too. Sundari thinks if she let him talk a lot they will end up arguing. Sundari send off him. Later Palani and Korangu are sitting in bus stand. Korangu informs to him they lost their respect in village. If they do good things also they are ending beaten up. Let’s start our villain job he doesn’t care about others. Palani adds that there is many pending work here. He is already scared what if Murugan provokes Sundari against them. They will lost this job too. Karthick visits Sundari’s cabin she asks him why is he here?

Sundari asks him why is he shouting? What wrong she done to threw her in road? If that Thiruvizha stopped means what will be his sister’s life? Doesn’t Murugan swear to kill himself if it happen. He doesn’t care about others and thinking about himself. She scolds him and leaves. Subbu asks him what’s going on? Karthick says that she is behaving like this in the support of Mallika and Anu. He gonna break this and throw her out. She will blink in future not able to face the problems which he gonna create to her.

Later Sundari asks Anu to remove the advertisement reasoning her uncle will see it. Anu asks her to marry in 6 months. Sundari adds that she is getting proposal for the posy not her character. Anu asks her to stop looking down on herself. Her husband doesn’t know her value at all. Sundari shards her grief to her and stop her from talking hopeless. Later Mani scolds him for not checking petrol before taking bike. Mani enquires him about Sundari’s marriage.

Episode end