Sundari 8th July 2022 Written Update: Mallika advises Anu

Sundari 8th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari condones Anu and assures her Karthick will be alright. She requests her to go back to home she will take care of him. Anu is adamant to stay with him. Mallika advises her to don’t stress herself. Karthick is taking rest so she don’t need to stay with him.

Anu kiss on his forehead and asks Sundari to take care of him. Sundari nods to her and leaves. Mallika takes Anu from there. Meanwhile Sundari returns to Valli’s room. Janaki enquires her where did she went? Sundari informs her about Karthick’s state.

Janaki scolds her worrying for Karthick unnecessary. She demands her to take care of Valli. Sidhu tells her Anu doesn’t know any truth so Sundari would have hide her emotions from her and agreed to take care of Karthick. He asks her to don’t hurt her a lot. Sundari nods with him. Sundari adds that she is not craving to take care of him. Janaki assures to take care of Valli.

Sundari goes to check Karthick there. He gets conscious and question her why is she here? Where is Anu? She lashes out at him for behaving strange in this way. She asks him doesn’t he aware Anu is pregnant with his child? He might take care of her in this state instead of giving tension to her. Karthick informs to her that Anu came to know the truth that he brought money from Subbu. He used that money to create a image like he returned from Dubai. Sundari asks him what is something happened to Anu?

Because of his foolish act Anu got scared and cried for him. What if that broken glass entered on her? What if she fainted in room? No one will come to know this. Sundari complaints that he will see the worst of her if something happen to her.

Apart from this her mom was admitted in this hospital. She fears Valli saw him with Anu. If she learn the truth she will share it to Appatha and Murugan. Do not expect her to stop them. If Anu learns the truth then she will kick him out. Meanwhile Anu returned to home Lakshmi calls to Karthick’s phone. Anu asks Mallika to send Karthick’s phone to him. Mallika advises her to eat food and take medicine on time. Mallika says that Karthick played a drama to forget his mistake and made her worry. Anu supports Karthick there.

Anu accuses Mallika is the reason he brought money from Subbu without taking money from business. Anu adds that he is loving her a lot so stop accusing him. Mallika questions her what if he hide something big from her? Anu asks her what will he hide from her? If he hide something from her then that was the last day she spent with him. She don’t wanna be a fool.

Episode end.