Sundari 8th November 2022 Written Update: Selvi humiliates Mallika

Sundari 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika questioning Selvi what happened? Selvi asks her doesn’t she know what actually happened? If her daughter wants to marry why don’t she search a new match for her? What’s the need to snatch someone else husband? Doesn’t they have enough wealth.

Even Anu looking beautiful. Then why she is behind someone’s husband? She insults Mallika a lot there. Sundari apologized to her for Selvi’s behaviour. Selvi asks her why she is apologise to her? They want to fall on her feet for ruined her life.

She demands her to talk something. Doesn’t they have shame to do like that? Sundari says to her that Mallika already knew the truth. She asks her how could she mention it without shame? Doesn’t she have enough in her life?

She doesn’t like to forgive them like Sundari. Sundari apologized to Mallika for her mistakes. Mallika says to her that she deserved this. She wants to hear this. Selvi asks her where is Karthick?

Mallika informs her that he went out with Anu. Selvi says that she won’t leave from here until she confront her good for nothing son. She won’t leave him for betrayed her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Anu and Karthick meets the Settu.

Settu says to her that Mallika’s surety enough to give money to Karthick. What’s the need to arrange a meeting with him. Anu tells him that she is going to give surety to him reasoning Karthick wants to stand in his own leg.

He doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone. Settu appreciates him and assures to give money to him. Later, Sundari gets shocked to see Murugan calling her.

Murugan inquires Sundari where is Selvi? He was in temple but they aren’t here! Sundari blabbered to him that she fainted in temple. Murugan informs her that uncle was sick. He doesn’t know what happened to him. Selvi informs it to Sundari and goes out.

Sundari apologize to Mallika and leaves. Anu returns to home and questions the security why is he not doing his work well. Gate was open when she came here. He tells her that Sundari came to visit Mallika.

Anu complaints to Karthick that she demanded Sundari to not to show her face to her but she visited her house without shame. She confronts Mallika why did Sundari came here? She complaints that she was supporting that Sundari a lot.

Anu says that she went to her house even after she warned her. Mallika complaints that she broke her promise too. Anu adds that Sundari shared it to her about it right! Mallika says that she came here to inform her some problems going on in her house. Karthick gets shocked to hear it.

Mallika informs her that Selvi and Krishna accompanied Sundari here. Anu asks her what’s the matter? Mallika informs him that Karthick father was sick. Anu asks her how come they know about it? Mallika says that they are living in the same village.

Karthik wishes to go back to village. Anu tells him that he will accompany him to home. Karthick denied it reasoning they will create unnecessary problems. Mallika convince Anu.

Sundari fears that Selvi will confess all truth to him. She asks Krishna to go to Village. She convince Selvi and take her to home. Karthik inquires Lakshmi what happened to Dad? Lakshmi lashes out at him. Karthick narrates the situation to her.

Episode end