Sundari 9th November 2022 Written Update: A shock awaits Karthick

Sundari 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi informing Karthick that Dad has learnt about the truth. Karthick questions her how he learnt the truth? Lakshmi informs him that she said it to him. Karthick asks her why she backstabbed him. Lakshmi complaints to him that she doesn’t have any option other than this in her hand. Sundari who asked her to inform him about it. Or else Karthick wouldn’t have escaped from this mess. Lakshmi called her dad and inquired about his health. He complained to her that she wasn’t calling him often. Lakshmi shares with him that she got busy with the rituals. She says to him that she wanted to reveal some truth to him. But he shouldn’t get angry after hearing it. He asks her to share it with him first. Will he decide whether to get angry at her or not? Lakshmi says to him that he shouldn’t get angry with her. She reveals to him that Karthick is married to someone else here. Sundari learnt about it first. She learns it later but hides it from her. Later, they find out that everyone knows about it. He asks her. Does Murugan know it? Lakshmi denied it. He says that Murugan would have killed Karthick for betraying Sundari. He had his marriage with Sundari. Who is God’s child? But he married someone else there.


Lakshmi pleads with him to listen to her. He isn’t ready to listen her. He is determined to confront Karthick. Lakshmi pleads with him to listen her. She reveals to him that Anu is pregnant. She is carrying his child. He asks her why should he keep quiet for it? Lakshmi pleads with him to listen her. He isn’t ready to listen her in angry. She shouts on him. She says to him that Anu isn’t well. Her baby is in danger. Recently she went to hospital for surgery. The doctor will advise them to don’t share any shocking truth to her. He says to her that he doesn’t want to hear anything. She says to him that whatever he say she is carrying their heir. It’s Karthick’s baby. We shouldn’t ignore that child. He asks her what’s she trying to say? She asks him to keep quiet until she gave birth to baby. Let’s deal with Karthick after that. If they reveal the truth to her Anu and baby will die. Murugan will go to jail after kill Karthick. Their family will lose their peace.

Lakshmi reveals to him that Selvi learns the truth today. He asks her Doesn’t she get angry? She shares to him that Selvi went to confront Anu and Karthick. Sundari lies to her that he was sick and take her from there. She pleads with him to pretend like sick to solve this issue. He complaints that they are asking him to join in their drama. He disconnects the call. Karthick says to her that now dad learnt the truth. He isn’t able to imagine what will happen next? Lakshmi says that he wants to face it all. He might pay for his deeds. Everyone are staying quiet for that baby. Karthick says to her that Sundari isn’t able to become a mom. Does she wish to see him without heir. Only Anu is able to give heir to them. He won’t marry another one or forget Anu. They might accept this baby. Lakshmi hears it without option. Murugan asks Karthick doesn’t he get ready to go? Karthick lied to him that he has an important meeting in office. He will reach there after attend it. Murugan gets angry on him and complained to Lakshmi about it. Later, Sundari consoles Selvi and asks her to believe the god. Selvi says that Karthick betrayed her. That is why her family members are struggling this much. His sin are affecting her family. Sundari asks her to stop thinking negatively. Krishna consoles her.

Anu worries about Kartick and complaints to Mallika that he didn’t take her to village. Mallika consoles her and advise her to understand his situation. Anu complaints that she stopped supporting her. Mallika says to her that she is doing everything for her.

Episode end