Sundari: Upcoming Story: Chinnaponnu’s cunning plan

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Sun TV’s popular show Sundari keeps entertaining its audience with a gripping story line. Now, the series focuses on Sundari and gives a tough time to Karthick.

In the recent episode we saw; Vetri’s mother-in-law requests Sundari to release him. She asks her if she react like this when her daughter died? She tells her that her daughter died in an accident.
Sundari learns about Vetri’s past from his mother-in-law. Akhil requests Sundari to release his father. He can’t sleep without him.

Tamizh feels bad for him. Sundari caresses his face Chellappa hide the money in Sundari’s lunchbox. The vigilance department officials comes there and says to Sundari that they heard a information about Sundari got bribe.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sundari drops Tamizh in the school. She asks her to meet her P.T master. Sundari fails to meet him. Chinnaponnu noticed Sundari. She thinks that Sundari’s weakness is in her school.

Will Tamizh find out who is her real mom?

Will Sundari meet Anu again?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates