Sundari: Valli’s desperate plea

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Sun Tv popular show Sundari keep entertaining it’s audience with the gripping story line. Now series focuses on Sundari lost her eye sight. Anu to humiliate Sundari’s family

In the recent episode we see; Anu called Karthick to inquire him when will he return home? He lied to Anu car was repaired. He was waiting for the driver. Anu demanded him to talk with her until the mechanic reach there.

Sundari asked everyone to sleep early reasoning they wanted to celebrate Pongal celebration. Meanwhile, Karthick felt guilty for betrayed Sundari. Karthick celebrated Pongal with Sundari. Karthick gave a surprise gift to Anu. Anu praised the gift. Anu disconnected Lakshmi’s call in anger.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi informed Krishna that Karthick took Sundari to temple. Krishna told her that he would have left her alone there. Sundari goes missing. Later, Sundari met the doctor but she refused to help her.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Valli will request the doctor to do the surgery. The doctor will refuse to do the surgery for Sundari. Sundari will demand Valli to don’t request anyone for her. Meanwhile, Anu insult Sundari’s family.

Mallika will explain to Anu that Sundari’s family lived in the village. They need time to understand everything. Anu will complaint that Kartick lived there but he wasn’t like that. Mallika will give a fitting reply to her.

What will happen next? Will Sundari reveal the truth to Murugan?

When will Anu find out Karthick’s secret?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates