Sundari: Will Sidharth stand for Sundari against Karthick?

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Sun tv fame Sundari serial never fails to entertain its audience since the first episode is now gearing up for further drama. Now serial concentrating on Sundari to confront Anu!

In the previous episode we saw; Sundari doubted why did Arun visited Murugan’s house. Murugan shared to Sundari he came here to enquire about Malini health. Sundari shared to Appatha that she don’t feel good vibes with him he was definitely hiding something from them. He has hidden intention. Appatha denied it and supported him. Later Karthick talked with Karthick and informed to him that she applied matrimony advertisement for Sundari.

He was shocked to learnt that. Appatha came there he disconnect the call. Appatha asked him to take Sundari safely to Chennai unlike last time. Later Appatha assured to Sundari that she will come back in few days. Later Sundari bid bye to all and left from there. Sundari invited Krishna to take food but he denied it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see: Karthick will refuse to take food in Sundari’s house. Sundari will mock at him that he drived straight to here because she will again go missing. She will add that his wife is waiting for him in home cooked all his favourite items. Karthick will glare her. Sundari will think she wanna confront Anu. Sidharth will get surprise to see Sundari’s tolerance.

What will happen next? Will Sundari find out Arun’s truth? When will Karthick get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.