Sundari: Will Subrahmanyam reveal Karthick truth to Anu?

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Sun Tv popular show Sundari keep entertaining it’s audience with the gripping story line. Now series focuses on Sundari to lashes out at Karthick

In the recent episode we see; Kumar hides his face to escape from Ghilli and Arun. But they aren’t leaving him. Kumar pretends to dump in front of him to escape. Ghilli advises Arun to get into another car. Arun tells him that it’s safe to travel with dump than a normal person. Drivers shouldn’t reveal anything about them to the police.

Kumar thinks that they are not gonna leave him today. Arun offers double payment to him. Kumar thinks it is a super offer. He assures them to go with them for money. Later, Sundari demands Malini to sit beside Krishna, reasoning they are newly wed. Malini sits beside him.

They leave from there. Meanwhile, Mallika asks Anu to be careful. She demands Kartick to drive carefully. Anu is in her 7th month. He shouldn’t drive faster in cutter. She asks Anu to be careful while travelling. Anu assures her that Karthick will take care of her well. He loves his baby more than her. Later, Karthick and Anu arrives at the same resturant where Sundari was there.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Karthick will ask Sundari why she isn’t allowing him to spend time with Anu. Sundari will warn him stop creating unnecessary drama. Later, Subrahmanyam will welcome Sundari family. He will ask Sundari doesn’t her husband looks tall?

She somehow manages the situation there. Meanwhile, Karthick and Anu arrive the same hotel. Subrahmanyam will recognise Karthick and ask him doesn’t he married to a dark girl but this girl looking fair. Karthick will get shock to hear it.

What will happen next? Will Anu survive? When will Anu find out Karthick’s secret?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates