Sunday Special: These dialogues of Rohit Sippy are melting down the hearts: #KahaanHumKahaanTum

Actor Karan V Grover is currently getting more hearts with his flawless, outstanding and admirable performance in Star Plus popular daily Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.

Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is almost trending every now and then since its premiere and the top most reason is; though the show is full of drama, action, romance and entertainment but the doses of them are in accurate proportion.

Fans of the show must be well aware that show is not much dragging the tracks and is stick to its core storyline that promises to revolve around Rohit and Sonakshi.

So far in the storyline, Rohit and Sonakshi met each other on the sets of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. After that the duos path keeps on crossing each other and finally Rohit realized his feelings for Sonakshi and confessed his love. The day Rohit was going to do formal engagement with Sonakshi, his ex-girlfriend Raima re-entered his life and created the scene. But later, Raima united Sonakshi and Rohit. And in the upcoming sequence will see Rohit and Sonakshi will finally tie the knot with each other but drama will be high in their marriage.

As Rohit and Sonakshi is going start a new life soon, thus today will take you on a ride of some captivating dialogues delivered by doctor surgeon aka Rohit Sippy for Sonakshi so far.

1: “Sonakshi, Mei Hoon Tumhare Saath Hamesha!”

Ahaan! Rohit wasn’t ready to accept his feeling for Sonakhsi but indirectly he always said to Sonakshi that he is with her. When the inspector was taking Sonakshi for the investigation in Matre’s wife murder case, Rohit took no second to express he is always beside her.

2: “TV Serial Jaisi Life Ho Gyi Hai; Gunday Peeche Padh Gaye, Gooliyan Chal Gayi, Bhaag Bhaag Ke Kisi Ice-Truck Mei Phass Gaye aur Ab Ye Filmy Pose Bana Ke Khade Hein”


We actually felt Rohit Sippy here. Though Rohit don’t watch hindi daily but he is well-experienced what all happens in Indian daily soaps and related well with the situation when he along with Sonakshi gets locked in the ice-truck. His dialogue was on point!

3: “Barph ki Tarah Jam Gayi Thi Tum, Body Heat Ke Alawa Koi Option Nai Tha”


And Rohit leaves no chance to do fun with Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets frozen after spending night in ice truck. Rohit to save Sona’s life give her body heat and when she asks about the last night; Rohit to fool Sonakshi said to her that they united last night. Afterwards, Rohit clarified to Sonakshi that he gave body heat to her to save her life before Sonakshi blushes. Aww.. Sippy is unpredictable!

4: “Toss Main Jeeta Tha”


The way excitedly and happily Rohit said Toss Mei Jeeta Tha to Sonakshi, was beautiful. Rohit wasn’t in a mood to waste any more second to confess his love to Sonakshi.

5: “I Love You Sona”

Rohit’s I love you to Sonakshi is always music to ears. Rohit never fails to express his love to Sonakshi!

6: “Kabhi Kabhi Mujhe Lagta Hai Main Kisi TV Show Ki Heroine Hun Baat Baat Pe Ro Deta Hun”

Famous Surgeon Dr Rohit Sippy’s feels his life has totally tuned into a TV show; and we can’t deny the fact!

7: “Wo Meri Sona Nai Hai” :

Aww.. this was adorably adorable when Rohit said “Wo Meri Sona Nai Hai” and united with Sonakshi for forver. Agree or Not?

Wow, these dialogues prove Rohit Sippy is actually melting down the hearts with his powerful dialogues. And we are very sure none could have delivered it more flawlessly like the way Karan V Grover is doing!.

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