Sunday Special: Top 5 scenes of the week, separation of KAIRA top the list! Read more below

This week was full of love, romance, separation, grief and big revelation; in our favorite daily soap. Thus, today we are highlighting top moments that melted our screen while, few made all of us to sit on the edges of our seat. Check out the scenes below!

Sunday Special: Top 5 scenes of the week, separation of KAIRA top the list! Read more below

End of KAIRA: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was high on emotion this week. This week unexpected happen in the show with KAIRA bidding adieu to their audience.

Naira and Kartik somehow manages to rescue themselves from the bus which was hanging near the cliff. Both hug each other. Naira extends her hand to hug Kairav. Kairav runs towards Naira. In the meantime, Naira realizes the crack on the ground is increasing. She pushes Kartik aside and herself falls down from the cliff. Kartik and Goenka’s stands shocked seeing Naira falling. Naira’s journey in the background surely brought tears in viewer’s eyes.

Kissing Moment of RUSHA: Yeh Hai Chahatein

Show Yeh Hai Chahatein was full of love and romance this week. Preesha and Rudraksh set the screen on fire this week with their lip-lock moment.

Preesha disguise as Santa Claus and enter Christmas party organised at Rudra’s house. Rudra catches Preesha. Amid the celebration, Rudra takes Preesha aside and asks her being a Santa she has to fulfil his wish. Preesha asks Rudra about the wish. Rudra asks Preesha to say three magical words which she hasn’t yet said to him. Preesha confess her love to Rudrashk. Duo shares a passionate hug. Afterwards, Rudra showers kisses and RUSHA share a lip-lock moment. The romance between Preesha and Rudra has audience heart.

Love test of RIANSH: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Thriller drama Ishq Mein Marjawan hooked the audience with their high voltage drama. This week was full of misunderstanding and hatred.

Vansh asks Riddhima to prove her love for him she has to take Kabir’s life. Riddhima refuses to kill Kabir out of humanity. Vansh misunderstand Riddhima. He further throws Kabir out from the house. Ahead, Riddhima tries to console Vansh, latter refuses to forgive Riddhima.

Chamcham learns a shocking truth: Namak Issk Ka

Colors newly launched Namak Iskk Ka hooked the audience with Chamcham learning Raunka’s truth.

Chamcham gets ready to marry Rony for the sake of her brother. She decides to go to Aara for the wedding. Meanwhile, Chamcham finds a locket of Rupa and Rony. She gets shocked learning Rony is already a married man and is betraying his wife. Chamcham decides to expose Rony in front of Yug. But Rony once again trap Chamcham and force her to marry him.

Vanraj’s shocking decision and inclination towards Anupama: Anupama

Popular star plus show Anupama amazed the audience with the unexpected twist this week. Audience are unable to believe that Vanraj has a change of heart.

Post Vanraj meets with an accident, Anupama out of humanity takes care of him. Vanraj thanks Anupama for helping him inspite whatever he did with her. Ahead, Kavya and Shah’s stands shocked, when Vanraj chosen his family over Kavya. Vanraj also plans New Year party for his family and said sorry to Anupama. His changed behaviour is still confusing yet Vanraj’s shocking decision was one of the top scenes of the week.

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