Sunday Special:  With Rohit- Sonakshi’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ moment: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Indian television is really blessed with some great On-screen iconic jodi’s. In a count of those, pair of Rohit (Character played by Karan V Grover) and Sonakshi (character played by Dipika Kakar) is fast making its’ place and gaining the popularity from all over the globe.

Fan’s address Rohit and Sonakshi, as ‘RONAKSHI’ adoringly.

From meeting for the first time to so far; Rohit and Sonakshi has given many crazy and cozy ‘RONAKSHI’ moment and without a doubt duos chemistry is making the hearts to beat the fast.

Now, after Raima’s entry the way Rohit reacted; fans’ thought the show has turned into a typical Indian shows but their prediction went wrong when Rohit himself went to Sonakshi. And Sonakshi’s three magical words ‘PLEASE DON’T GO’ united RONAKSHI for forever!

In the scene; Sonakshi is seen performing her scene for KPK. Rohit interrupts. Sonakshi tells to Rohit that camera is ON. KPK director ask Rohit how he came in between the shot, Netra too says to Rohit that he is not following sets’ rule. Rohit holds Sonakshi’s hand and says it is very important for him to talk with Sona, and he is ready to compensate all the loses.

Rohit drags Sonakshi and pinned her to the wall. He further says that he just can’t do that, as Raima has returned and she needs him. Sonakshi says she understands and if he wants they can be friends. Rohit ask to Sonakshi what does she meant that they are just friends. He asks Sona does she really want him to go back to Raima for forever. Sonakshi stands speechless, Rohit again ask Sonakshi the same question. And after a while, Sonakshi cries and says ‘Don’t’ Go’, ‘Please Don’t Go’. Hearing these words from Sonakshi, Rohit kissed Sonakshi’s forehead and RONAKSHI shares a tight hug, as if there is no tomorrow for them.

Well, what next will happen in the show and how the duo will hide their relationship in front of Raima, will be watch worthy. For now, this RONAKSHI moment was blissful, and we would like to hear from you, which so far, RONAKSHI moment made your hearts to skip the beat.

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