Surrogacy track in Udaariyaan next?

Colors show Udaariyan is hinting surrogacy track. The fans are already sensing the upcoming development in the show as Tejo is shown having pregnancy complication. To stop makers from bringing surrogacy track the loyal viewers of the show trended STOP SPOILING UDAARIYAAN

Fans showed their disappointment for bringing the track so that Jasmine can enter again in Tejo and Fateh’s life.

The way you try to fit a third woman by infertility issues, would any of you have done that if infertility was a guy’s problem? Ooh u can’t be a dad, let’s get you another man. STOP SPOILING UDAARIYAAN


Fateh ke bache ki maa Sirf Tejo banegi We will only accept #FaTejo kid or no one else in show If u want Udaariyaan to run for another 300-400 episodes then listen to audience demands STOP SPOILING UDAARIYAAN

Writers could have easily shown that “Tejo ABHI Maa nahi ban sakti” due to her recent trauma but they went to extreme Negative track with “KABHI” nahi ban sakti- just to fit Jasmin again. It’s so annoying. #Udaariyaan is becoming depressing day by day. STOP SPOILING UDAARIYAAN

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Well, Udaariyaan is not the first ITV show to bring surrogacy track. The track is famous TV cliché. Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is seeing the same track and facing fans wrath. Udaariyaan is new in the list.

Well, will makers divert the story according to fans wish? Time will only tell.

Character Fateh and Tejo made an irreplaceable place in the audience heart. Their love story is always praised. But majority of show viewers dislike the third angle in their story. The stable TRP of Udaariyaan proves the same too.

On story front, Fateh and Tejo reconcile. They make a new start. Fateh decide to expose Jasmine and wait for the right time. The upcoming might shock FATEJO as Tejo soon will undergo pregnancy complication. Like any typical ITV drama Jasmine will turn Tejo’s surrogate legally or illegally, time will only tell.

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