Survivor 13th September 2021 Written Update: Participants Gear up for the challenge

Survivor 13th September 2021 Written Update on

The show begins with Arjun announces to the both Kadarkal and Vedarkal team from today their first task gonna start. If they win in this task they are allowed to stay in two island. Better island and Normal island. Fruits and trees are available in Better Island. Nothing is special in another one that’s why it’s Normal island. Arjun points one boat floating in sea. He adds that good items were kept in that boat, both teams wanna swim near the boat and collects the food items from it. Which team reaching back to land first can able to choose the circle first. One circle has fire making things another one has map of Better Island. Both teams shakes their head in understand way. Arjun shouts let’s start. Both teams runs into the sea carrying the plate.

Amzath says that he doubts how much depth the sea is? Lakshmi says that first task in water its so tough to her. Vikranth says to audience that no one know to swim well and fast in their team, so he takes his team slowly near the boat, they can join later. Lakshmi says that they used to feel they are keep swimming but they are remaining in same place. Srishti adds that she stopped in a while seeing the depth of sea. She feels it’s highly dangerous. Arjun shouts that they need to fight more and do it fast to get the map of Better island.

Lakshmi adds that Besant Ravi doesn’t know to swim so he lays on the plate in particular distance it made the team tough to balance his weight and suffered to pull the plate. Vikranth feels suffocating Aishwarya uses that situation and take a lead. Aishwarya reaches near the boat. Arjun shouts that Aishwarya gets into the boat. But she falls down. Vikranth too reaches near the boat but he can’t able to get inside the boat. He is hanging while holding the rope. Aishwarya gets inside the boat after three more attempt. She says that she somehow got inside the boat because her mind used to said if she don’t get inside the boat they can’t able to eat anything. Vikranth is suffering to get inside the boat. Arjun appreciates Aishwarya for collecting things quickly. Vikranth suffering to take breath. He shouts for help. Security guards quickly jumps into the sea to save him. Guide take him inside the boat and leaves

Saran swims faster and gets inside the boat finally he throws the rope to his team to balance them. They comes near the boat with the help of it. Arjun confronts Vikranth and asks him to share his experience. Vikranth shares to him that this is the first time he is standing as a captain but he can’t able to finish this task. He felt his body and mind is not acting same on that time. Arjun appreciates him for his hard work. He says to him he reached near the boat it’s appreciated one. Vikranth says that he is not satisfied with it. He dropped his team when they need him.

Kadargal starts collecting the things and fills it in the plate. Vedargal too fills it. They swims faster then Kadargal and places the things in front of Arjun. After them Kadargal reaches there. Arjun asks one of the contestants to come forward and start dig the soil where they circled. Arjun appreciates the team for digging the soil aggressively.

Arjun asks the team to exchange the partners if they feel tired. Both team exchanges the partners and stars digging the soil to find the box. Both team members are digging it aggressively but all feels tired to the extent. Kadarkal gets the box first. They gets the things to create fire. Vedarkal gets the box next. They gets the map of the island. Arjun appreciate both team for their extraordinary work. He announces to them that Kadargal gonna stay in the Normal island reasoning they collected fire. Meanwhile Vedargal gonna stay in the Better island. Team mates hugs each other to appreciate them.

Besant shares to audience when they reached to the Better island it’s fully dark there. They have no light there only trees are covered by them. They walks inside it not understanding the situation around them. Vedarkal team have tough situation without light or fire. Lakshmi adds that they feels little relieve because of moon light. Amzat says that he expected to give them stove and fire if they reach to better island. He feels disappointed after reaching there. Parvathy adds that she felt extreme cold there. Parvathy questions Amzath Is he being Dhothi too? He nods to him. Amzath says that his Dhoti helps everyone to change their dress. Because only two clothes are allowed to take with them.

Vijayalakshmi shares to audience that they left then in one island. It was only darkness around them. It’s name sake island because she can’t able to feel anything around her in dark. Lakshmi says that fire is very important in survivor. Parvathy too supports the same thing. Indraja feels extream cold in that Normal island. She appreciates Kash for making camp fire. Everyone followed her in that challenge. Both Team settles in their island eats the biscuits.

Next day begins Vedarkal has no brush and paste to brush their teeth. They uses neem tree stick to brush their teeth. Then they starts looking around the place and finds coconut trees. They collects coconut in their team effort and uses it for their break fast. Meanwhile in Normal Island. They uses the fire and cooks the rise and pulses for break fast. Team mates appreciates Indraja and Vijaya Lakshmi for cooking best food for them. While collecting Wood for shelter Parvathy creates some problem with the team mates. She throws her loose talk on Srushti. Even Amzath also disappointed with her. Parvathy gives her explanation as she has the rights to say her opinion. She wanna feel like she is also working with the team her participation in it.

Survivor gives new task to both Vedarkal and Kadarkal team. It’s time to select the leader of the tribes. Amzath reads the task rules from Vedarkal team and Indraja from Kadarkal team. In that task each one can nominate the captain but they wanna convince the group why did they choose that person.
Amzath nominate Nandha as the tribes leader reasoning he has that stamina to do everything. Parvathy gives her opinion to it. Lakshmi nominates Aishwarya for it. Lakshmi clears to all that no one need to discuss with group they have the rights to choose the captain. It’s their responsibility to convince the group with their opinion. If that group are convinced with their point they can able to select the Tribes captain.

Episode end.

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