Survivor 14th October 2021 Written Update: Ayutha Pooja special

Survivor 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The show begins Kadargals Island, Karagals reaches to their island their Reward meals are waiting for them there. Lakshmi says to camera that they were so excited to check the reward but gets surprised to see those items. Everyone opens the items one by one and gets happy to see the food items. They dances seeing the Biriyani. They are so excited to see Indian food. Lakshmi says to camera that most of the south Indian recipes was there their happiness having no bounds to see it. Meanwhile Vikram and Uma leaves to bring leaf. Lakshmi starts eating.

Vanessa says to camera that morning they questioned her what will they get as reward If they win the challenge? Will they give biriyani? She shares to camera that as they discussed they send Biriyani to them. Amzath shares to camera that he couldn’t wait for Vikranth and Uma to return back he starts eating it. Lakshmi asks Vanesaa and Kash to eat but they denies reasoning they used to eat together so they waits till they are back. Uma says to camera that he feels connected when these two girls waited for them. Lakshmi appreciates team for winning the challenge today. Uma says if they don’t win it today then it means they done something sin. Lakshmi says that their captain is lucky. After she came they got cake, one elimination and biriyani also. Uma adds that he got excited to see Sambar first time today. He cracks jokes with them and enjoys the meals. Amzath’s stomach gets upset. He leaves from there.

Umapathy asks them to take whatever they can able to take it in their hand. They starts collecting the food items and leaves from there. In Vedargalas island Ravi and Saran collecting woods. Ravi says to Saran that he wishes to eat a meal. Both starts discussing about their flaws in Reward challenge. He says to him that they took lead though they couldn’t win the game. Ravi says to others may they are eating biriyani now. He shares his grief to god. Narayanan says to them may they lost the challenge but they performed well. He took the responsibility here reasoning he took extra time to climb. He appreciates Nandha for doing his best. Nandha says to him Immunity is important to them let them take the reward. Saran says that health is important to them. Ravi complaints that they put weight on his hand but they didn’t apologized to him at all.

Ravi says to his tribes let’s win the Immunity challenge tomorrow and dance like them. Nandha says to him its not a problem he can dance. Enigo imitates Amzath and Uma dance. Enigo shares to camera that they are dancing after winning the challenge it’s their happiness but it’s irking opponents. In Kadargals team they go to buy things from Survivor shopping. They takes soap for 10rs, coffee for 10rs. Vanessa asks Uma to take bed but he tells her its cost 30rs high for their team. Lakshmi feels happy to buy soap because she wishes to take bath with soap. They buys sugar for remaining amount. Lakshmi shares to camera it’s overall a good day to them. Uma teases Amzath for ran from there after eating parrota. Vikranth suggests team mates to use soap to wash their hair also. Uma cracks jokes with them to entertain them. Vanessa says that he saw her morning when he woke up that’s why he got good luck.

In the third world Viji and Gayathri caught live crab. Viji feels so happy after catching it and shares to camera that her son will feel proud if he see it. Gayathri says to camera that she is feeling burden free after Viji comes there reasoning she is sharing work with her. Gayathri says to Viji that Parvathy is over confident after she won challenge. Gayathri tells her that team challenge is different when it compares with they are doint it alone. They gets a scroll. Viji takes it and reads it. Which saying there is one surprise for them in the deep sea. There is 10 coconut on sea their surprise is under one coconut. They determined to win it this time.

Viji says to camera that they decided to walk first and swim to the long side. But after they enters into sea waves are giving tough time to them to swim back. They checks one by one. Finally they decided to parts their way and checks the coconut. Gayathri finds the coconut. Viji says it’s deep inside the sea. Viji swims near it but before she react near it Gayathri shouts she found it. Gayayhri feels extremely happy after finding it out. Both removed the cover and finds a little box there. Rice and dhal are in it. Gayathri says that others are enjoying the spices but they got at least it.

In Kadargals island Uma, Vikranth and Amzath are playing cricket there using coconut branches bat. Uma teaching Amzath how to play. They got new scroll. Everyone gets happy to see new dresses. Uma reads the scroll there. Which saying Vijathasami and Ayutha pooja wishes to them. Voice notes saying unexpected things and surprise waiting for survivors. Team sends new dress to survivors. Everyone gets happy to bath in good water after long days and wears the new dress. Survivor asks them to take bath in good water.

Everyone gives the wishes to their family through camera. Ravi teases Aishwarya for always thinking about food. Narayanan says to camera that they give good water to take bath. They feels fresh after taking bath in good water.

Everyone wears their new dress in Vedargals island. Vanessa, Lady Kash and Lakshmi are washing their hair. Boys are taking bath inside the forest. Uma is teasing Amzath. He is cracking jokes there to entertain all. Vikrantha says to his teams let’s do Pooja to their vessels. Ravi and Narayana are taking rehearsal for drama to impress Arjun. Nandha’s team do the pooja there meanwhile Kadargals do the same too.

Umapathy is pulling Vikrantha legs. Tribes are enjoying the moments. Vikrantha shares Ayutha pooja wishes to audience and says to people he gonna inform to Thambi Ramayah what ever Uma doing here? Uma says to Vikranth’s wife Vikrantha is not a good person like she expected? Vikranth says that his wife won’t believe him reasoning he is maintaining to lie with her like that.

Episode end.

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