Survivor 18th September 2021 Written Update: Vikranth and Gayathri Have a Row

Survivor 18th September 2021 Written Update on

The show begins with Arjun says to both tribes today is very important day for them. They are gonna do the Immunity challenge. Arjun questions Lakshmi Priya doesn’t she send the weakest one from her group? Will she win in this challenge today? She assures to him that she will definitely win in this challenge. They are ready to face the challenge now her team is in better Co- ordination. All are comfortable with each other comparing to last time. Lakshmi adds that they will give their 100% in it and win the challenge. Arjun questions her won’t she miss Shrushti? She answers to him definitely she is missing her and she gonna dedicate this for her.

Arjun questions the same to Gayathri? She answers to him that her team is still strong. She is confident to win this game. Arjun questions Vikranth will he miss Indraja? He answers to him that he really miss her she was the one cooking food for all. Arjun teases him that he is missing her because no one is there to cook for them. He denies it and tells him she used to involve in all and mentioned him as brother. Arjun mentions it as sweet. Arjun shares to tribes that those who win in this challenge will get Immunity idol wall. The person whom winning it is safe. They can stay long in this game there is no elimination. Those who failed in it will meet the tribes island and get eliminate from there. Already two persons eliminated so be careful don’t lose another one tribe from there team.

Arjun adds that they will get hidden immunity idol from that island. It’s look like a chain dollar. Whom finding it out will be safe in this game. In Tribal Panchayat no one can’t able to vote them. Their team is safe. He reveals the Immunity sword to them. He narrates the rules of the game to the tribes. Both tribes are standing in opposite. 7 tribes wanna stand in a rack holding each other hand. Opposite team wanna cross the team and reach the platform without falling down. Those who fell down wanna start from beginning. Whom reached on the platform shouldn’t help the tribe whom fall down.

Amzath says to camera that they discussed with the group and decided to send the less weight person first. As per their decision they makes Aishwarya to stand first. Vikayalakshmi says that all are light weight in their team so confidence level is high. Arjun asks the tribes to get ready and be careful they should be balanced in this game. Vijayalakshmi from Kadarkal team goes first and Aisjwarya from Vedarkal team. Arjun appreciates Vijayalakshmi for crossing the team successfully. Aishwarya reaches after that. After Vijayalakshmi Saran and Parvathy goes. Parvathy reaches to the platform but Saran suffers to cross the rack. Parvathy sharss that Aishwarya looks down on her and keeps guiding her how to do it? Its irritated her. Meanwhile Saran couldn’t balance himself because Ram didn’t give his full support they falls into the sea. Gayathri blames Saran for holding tight. Later Lakshmi Priya reaches to the platform succesfully. Saran again starts from the beginning. Ram again falls down. Arjun says to them that they are allowed to start after Ram came up only. Here Nandha starts to lose his balance too. Lucky Narayana and Nandha falls down. Priyanka says that she done her challenge well but Nandha and Narayanan couldn’t. After they came up Gayathri changes her position and cross the team. Arjun warns team that they wanna go to the Tribal panchayat if they fails in it and face the elimination. Ram falls down again. Here Amzat reaches to the platform and they wins the challenge. Arjun appreciates the team.

Gayathri says to the camera that she can’t able to take the blame they lose the game because of her. Ram is the reason for losing the game. He is holding the hand tightly and pulling it. Arjun questions the team where did they lacked? Is they planned anything? Gayathri says to him that they decided to send Vijay Lakshmi, Gayathri and Saran first reasoning they are less weight. They fell down three times so they lacked time. Arjun praises Lakshmi for crossing it first without knowing the swim. Umapathy says to him that Ram held his hand tight. Ram says to him that he held the hand tight. He thought if he stands at last may he wouldn’t have lose the balance. Saran says the same. Arjun asks the team to meet him in the Tribal panchayat. They wanna vote for one person to eliminate it’s the game.

Arjun asks Lakshmi to share their strategy. Lakshmi says to him that they are so focused and calm in their game. They already planned to send light weight person in the rack. Arjun appreciated each and everyone there. He gives the Immunity idol to them. He says to them that they won’t face the elimination.

Vedarkal reaches to their island and celebrates their victory. They gives the credits to Srushti. Vedarkal starts discussing about the opposite team weakness. Nandha says that their team lose Indraja who is very strong. Already misunderstanding started there it seems. They didn’t expected Gayathri to vote for Indraja many didn’t expected that all. In Kadarkal team they rashes to the island. Vijayalakshmi, Vikranth, Saran and Umpathy joins together and decided to walk together reasoning Gayathri is not listening to them at all and voting alone. They decided to don’t give up each other. Gayathri took wrong decision and blaming others in it. Ram says to Gayathri that he felt guilty because they loss this game because of him. He asks her to nominate him. Umapathy says to Vikranth that he is lying often and creating a scene. Vijayalakshmi shares one incident with them where Gayathri fails. Meanwhile Gayathri advising to Ram to don’t take decision early.

Ram and Gayathri gives their explanation to them. Ram apologise to them for losing the game because of him. He says to them that he can’t able to mingle with them at all. Umapathy blames him as the reason because he is reserving himself. Vijayalakshmi question Gayathri why did she nominated Indraja she is a youngest one in their team. She got injury so she couldn’t participate well in the first task. But she pulls well in the second task. She gave full effort in all the task. She is not weak at all according to her. How could she Vote for her. It’s totally unfair. Gayathri says to her that she might give one name there. Vikranth demands her to give the answer for his questions. She is not giving direct answer to him and questions him Is she gave wrong name there? She has no option then that. Vikranth and Gayathri has a heated argument about it. Vikranth complaints that she is not giving proper answer to his questions and walks away. Gayathri apologies to him to solve the issue. She personally talks with Saran and Umapathy and reveals the truth with them why did she take that decision. She shares to them that she gave promise to him that she won’t vote for him. She breaks her promise and share it to them.

Vedarkal are discussing about the misunderstanding in Kadarkal’s team. They points out how did Gayathri took decision in her own not discussing with all that’s why they lose in the game. They starts doing their work.

Survivor team sends a surprise visit to Besant Ravi from his wife and son for his 21st wedding Anniversary. Besant Ravi feels emotional and thank the team.

Episode end.

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