Survivor 20th October 2021 Written Update: Kadargals win the Reward Challenge

Survivor 20th October 2021 Written Update.on

The show begins in Vedargals island. Everyone are sitting around camp fire and discussing about the last challenge. Narayanan asks them to face the challenge with smile no need to face it with seriousness. Why would they take if seriously and blames each other for a change let’s smile. Enigo says to them let’s laugh continuous whether they lose or win. Even Arjun sir wanna questions them the reason behind their smile. Kadargals will think that they turned into mental after losing 4 challenge continuously. He is cracking jokes with them and smiles each other. Enigo adds that they will confirm that they are mad. Only they know they are crying inside.

In the morning Vedargals wake up and doing their morning exercise. Nandha says to Narayanan that Enigo is determined to win the challenge today. Saran says to camera its his first challenge after become a captain so he wanna win it at any cost. Aishwarya asks Saran to show the naught side of him in game like last time.

In Kadargals Team they are drinking coffee. Narayanan says to Nandha someone wanna sit out today so definitely they will choose Vanesaa or Amzath to do it. Meanwhile Vanesaa and Lakshmi are discussing about the elimination happened in Vadargals team. Lakshmi got disappointed when they didn’t take Saran’s name. She decided to give the hidden immunity idol to Enigo. They wishes to bring him alone and discuss about this to him. Meanwhile lady Kash gets a secret scroll for her captaincy. It’s a extra vote in elimination she feels it’s quite a good trumpcard to her. Lakshmi questions lady Kash Is she got anything from her hut ? She denies it. They are discussing about their next option in elimination.

Enigo says to his tribes that they will definitely laughs in today’s challenge. They will get already 25 beat though they will laugh at them. If they take lead then let’s sleep for sometime after they joins with them. We can laugh again after winning the challenge. Aishwarya laughs hearing it. They decided to face everything to with laugh. It will bring positive energy to them.
Lakshmi says to camera that they are determined to win the challenge today. Because it will break opponents confidence.

Arjun welcomes survivors on stage. He says to them today they have super rewards. He questions Saran to say what’s his strategy today? He says to him that he stood for captaincy but he become a captain here. He wishes to win the challenge today. Arjun questions Aishwarya why did she laughed that much today? She informs to him nothing like that its just a laughing therapy. Enigo says that only she laughed there no one else get laugh seeing it. Enigo shares to Arjun what did they discussed in their tribe. Arjun asks Lady kash to say her strategy. She says to him they don’t need laughing therapy because they are always good in their mind set. They are ready to focus in game and collect the reward.

Arjun says to them let’s get into business now Vesargals has only 5 contestants so one person from Kadaragals wanna sit out. Everyone from Vedargals thought Amzath will sit out but their surprise Lady Kash sit out. She says to camera that she needs a break through so she stayed out.

Arjun narrates the rules of the reward challenge to them. Two Thulabaram kept in sea. One person from their tribe wanna sit on swing. That person’s swing connected to a rope rest of they tribes wanna hold it. 4 persons wanna do it. Each five minutes and personal wanna go out. Finally whom holding the rope till last and preventing that person falling down in sea will be the winner.

Arjun starts the game. Vanesaa from Kadargals and Aishwarya from Vedargals gonna sit in swing. Saran, Narayanan, Enigo and Nandha are holding Aishwarya. Lakshmi, Vikranth, Amzath and Uma are holding Vanesaa. Saran says that they went like they planned. Arjun says that both Aishwarya and Vanessa may be in equal weight so it’s a fair game. Arjun alerts the tribe that they are not allowed to hold the rope with clothes or touch the wood. Uma is rolling the rope in his hand and tie it with his shoulder. Nandha is copying him. Vikranth mentions it in camera. Lakshmi and Saran takes the full effort. Aishwarya is keep encouraging her team. After five minutes Saran and Lakshmi goes out. Narayanan suffers to hold the rope Aishwarya’s swing comes little down. After five minute Narayanan and Vikranth goes out. Aishwarya appreciate Enigo for doing it well. Meanwhile Amzath suffering there Vikrantha advises to him only two minute left stay solid. Arjun appreciates them they are trying to pull the pressure and support with their leg. After five minutes Amzath and Enigo leaves from there. Tribes advises them to hold it tight. It’s a high competition between Uma and Nandha. Vikranth is keep encouraging Uma. Aishwarya is keep encouraging her team. Vanessa says to camera that Aishwarya was keep shaking while talking that’s why Nandha got huge pressure to hold her.

Later Uma notices that Nandha is keep copying him so he changes his leg to confuse him. Nandha also copy him and lost his balance. Nandha looses his rope when his hand dislocated. Arjun holds the rope and asks the tribes to help Nandha. Uma shouts to help him Vikrantha rushes towards there and holds the rope. Aishwarya jumps down. Everyone enquires to Nandha Is he doing good?

Arjun says to Vedargals that they post the challenge continuously 5th time. Nandha explains to him what actually happened and where did he lost the game. Nandha appreciate Uma and Amzath. Aishwarya shares her words to him. Arjun asks Kadargals to say their opinion. Kash says to him that they communicate well and went in a flow. Arjun appreciates Uma. Arjun says to them their reward is barbeque. He gives the currency to them. Arjun says that they can take one person with them to Kadargals team to treat him. They selects Enigo to send with them. Enigo goes with them. Aishwarya lashes out at Saran for send Enigo with them.

Episode end.

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