Survivor 25th November 2021 Written Update: Aishwarya wins the Reward challenge

Survivor 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Arjun welcomes the survivors to the stage. He enquires their well about? They says to him they are doing good. Arjun wishes wedding Anniversary wishes to Viji. Everyone wishes to her. Arjun questions her Is she completed 25 years wedding day? She denies it and tells him she was in love with her husband 20 years before and married 6 years before. He congratulates her. He asked to her did they planned together to go anywhere this year? She says that they used to go to swimming resort to spend time but this time she is here. Arjun asks to Aishwarya what will she do to her anniversary? She says to him she is unmarried. He tells her just for fun. She is back to mainstream what’s running on her mind and how is her tribes are treating her? She says to him that she thought many times how will she gonna survive here reasoning many persons are here whom voted her out. But she is feeling positive vibes here.

Arjun says to Enigo what’s he thinking being a good quality of a tribe leader ? He tells him feeling happy now more then that as a leader he wanna make sure tribes health are good and they have sufficient food to eat. Arjun shares one quote to them and wishes good luck to them. Arjun says that its a reward challenge today. One good news their friends are getting better here soon they will come and join here. Viji says it’s really a good news to them.

Arjun narrates the concept of the game. In the first round they wanna roll the wooden disk and takes it out. In second round they wanna cross the wooden bench whole holding the disc in their hand and reaches to the table . In third round they wanna arrange it in a line. Arjun asks them to start their game. Everyone stares rotate the disc to take it out. Except Enigo everyone are doing it faster. Arjun alerts them that each one tribe will be eliminate in each stage. He says that they will be dizzy after that task. They wanna balance the bridge after taking it out. Enigo says that he is going slower because of that. Everyone getting dizziness after they takes the disc. Aishwarya, Amzath, Narayanan takes the disc and goes to their second stage. Aishwarya crosses her bridge after so many attempts. After her Narayanan to falls there. Enigo is still in his first pace. Amzath and Narayanan are struggling to walk there meanwhile Viji and Enigo crosses the bridge smoothly. Aishwarya shares few tips to them. Arjun says that from this two someone gonna eliminate here. Narayanan crosses the bridge and Amzath eliminated in first stage.

In second stage they wanna tie the rope around their hip and Cross the path while until the knots there. Arjun asks them to start it and it’s a very crucial game. Arjun says that Narayanan, Viji are doing it pretty faster. Aishwarya wishes to go slow and steady unlike others. Arjun says that Enigo is going slower comparing to others. Enigo says to camera that he intentionally doing this game slower because he don’t wanna get hurt. Last two time he got injury in reward challenge. Immunity challenge is coming next so he wanna be careful for that. Aishwarya and Viji comes out of it first. She encourages Narayanan to do it faster and don’t stop in the middle. Arjun says that Enigo got confused and Narayanan is tired. Arjun eliminates Enigo in second stage

In the third stage they wanna throw coconut in the box like Basket ball. When the box goes down they will get sticks. They wanna connects the sticks and collects the key then comes to the last stage. Arjun asks them to start it. One by one they starts throw the coconut in the box. Enigo shares few tips to Viji how to do it. Arjun says if Aishwarya put one more coconut she can get her sticks now. As he said she finishes it. Arjun asks her to be careful because they are throwing it. Now the competition between Narayanan and Viji. Arjun says if Viji throws one more coconut she can get her sticks she did it and collects her sticks. Narayanan too finishes it after them. They starts connecting the sticks together. Aishwarya says to camera that she tied it slower because she wanna make sure the sticks of steady. Aishwarya collects her first key. Likewise Viji is also trying but her stick is loose. Aishwarya collects her second key too. Narayanan takes his first key too. Viji fails to take her key. Aishwarya successfully takes her three keys. Narayanan takes his second key and tribes encourages him to take the third one too. Narayanan takes his key and goes to last stage. Viji eliminates in the last stage.

In the last stage they wanna arrange the disc in the same align. They are not allowed to place the big pieces on the big one. Aishwarya and Narayanan starts their game and Aishwarya win in it.
Arjun appreciates Aishwara for winning the game. He asks her to share her strategy. She shares her strategy to him. Arjun says that sunlight is the big challenge to them today. Viji says that she got dehydration. Arjun asks to Aishwarya what reward she want now? She says anything is fine. He says the menue to her. Arjun asks her to invite two members to share the reward. Aishwarya chooses Viji and Amzath. He gives the survivors coins to her and says video messages from their family is there.

Episode end.

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