Survivor 30th November 2021 Written Update: Viji become a tribal leader

Survivor 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins in Kombargals island. Amzath says to Aishwarya stop discussing about this vote matter here and concentrate on game. He says that they planned a lot before game but didn’t get succed in anything yet. Aishwarya says that she was only concentrating on her game till though she was eliminated so she won’t stay quiet this time and plan something. Aishu says to Saran that they will be majority of thru return to island. She has Amzath trust with her likewise Saran too. Even Viji is angry with her team because they voted against Amzath on that day. She she can able to get Viji trust also. Saran says that he decided only to concentrate on the game then this all.

Saran talks with Enigo and apologize to him for his mistakes. He asks him to forget his past and take this game forward with all positivity. Enigo agrees to him. Aishwarya tries to convince Viji and takes her support in the week end to vote out Enigo. Viji asks time to her to think about it. Aishu says to her she can take time but don’t back bite her. Viji says to Amzath let’s discuss everything in front of camera. Amzath says even he too decided the same. If someone comes to put an alliance also let’s stop them and discuss about it in front of camera. Viji says that its very important to get the team support reasoning both Vedargals and Kadargals are gonna be a jury right? If they don’t cooperate with each other no one will support them so its important to discuss everything in front of camera. Amzath and Narayanan agrees to it.
Viji reads the new scroll. It’s about last tribe leader challenge. Everyone raised their hand to participate in it because its the last one. Aishu says it’s an important one because they will get an advantage from it. Amzath says to camera that he wishes to win it because it’s very important to him. Saran says to camera that he thought if he win it then he can use that advantage in the game. Enigo says to camera that Viji and him discussed they are only two now so they might stand for this tribal leader position and win it at any cost.

Arjun welcomes the survivors on stage. He enquires to them how are they doing? They informs to them they are going good there. Arjun welcomes Saran to main stream. He asks to him how is his relationships after he enter into mainstream with others? He assures to him that there is no misunderstanding with each other he is doing good. Arjun says to them its the last tribal leader challenge. They can share who is their favorite tribal leader till? Amzath says that Lakshmi Priya is his favorite reasoning she is his first leader. She lead the team very well. Even Aishwarya mentions Lakshmi name. She adds that she has the confident and not at all bossy to them. Viji says Vikranth name reasoning he has a clear picture in everything and treats everyone equally. Saran mentions Umapathy name reasoning he make everyone happy there. Narayanan mentions Enigo name and Enigo mentions Narayanan name.

Arjun says to them its a last tribal challenge so let’s it be fair to all. Let’s go with draw the rock. Everyone wanna take the stone whom getting two white stone they can play the game. Enigo and Aishwarya gets the white stone. Arjun says that Enigo and Aishwarya gonna compete with each other. Enigo says that he is not feeling good little dizzy so he wanna give this stone to Viji. Arjun says to him that he will lost the advantage if he give it to her. He says that he has no problem.

Arjun narrates the concept of the game. Viji and Aishu starts arranging the blocks. Saran keeps giving ideas to Aishu. Arjun asks them to keep quite reasoning they are getting distract with their talk. Both are under the pressure now. Their blocks are building in different strategy. Viji’s hands are literally shivering while building it. First Viji’s blocks falls down and Aishwarya’s next. After lots of attempt Viji wins the challenge and become a last tribe leader of the game. Arjun appreciates Viji for become a tribe leader. Viji says to camera that she got relief after won it because she will get a advantage in this game. It will help her and Enigo for this game. Even after she won it blocks didn’t fall down. Everyone appreciates her strategy there. Arjun appreciates her a lot for her idea. He gives the scroll to her. He says she is the last tribal leader. He appreciates Aishwarya too.

Episode end.

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