Survivor: Who will eliminate today from Tribal Panchayat

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The first season of reality Television show survivor launched on Zee Tamil . The show, which is based on a popular American adventure Program of the same name. This show hosted by Action king Arjun Sarja. This reality show marks Arjun’s small screen debut.

Survivor follows the same format as its international versions. A group of contestants have to survive the challenges of living in a jungle and complete Tasks to secure there place in the show. Every week a contestant will be evicted from the island based on the board of other participants.

In the first promo Arjun questions the Kadarkal whom added fuel in the fire? Voice notes comes in behind if someone hate another one there is a chance to solve the issued between them. Arjun asks the Tribes to do their voting. Saran votes for Gayathri, following him Vikranth, Umapathy and Vijayalakshmi votes for her reasoning she is not deserving to be here. He adds that he is doing this for Indraja too. Arjun says to them welcome to Tribal Panchayat.

In the second promo Arjuna questions Umapathy who will be his choose if Indraja supposed to not eliminated today? Umpathy says to him Obvious Ram is the weakest link in their team. He is conveying wrong information to all its creating rift between them. Arjun questions Ram Is it true? Umapathy adds that Ram creating unnecessary scene there. He points out one day he asked them to kept quiet reasoning Gayathri is in mood off it’s not good to tease her. He complaints that he didn’t teased her. Arjun questions him Is it true? He answers to him he actually threw some words. Umapathy demands him to explain it.

What will happen next? Will Gayathri eliminate today?

When will Indraja join back with her team?

Will Kadarkal maintain their unity again?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.