Survivor: Who will win the reward challenge?

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The first season of reality Television show survivor launched on Zee Tamil . The show, which is based on a popular American adventure Program of the same name. This show hosted by Action king Arjun Sarja. This reality show marks Arjun’s small screen debut.

Survivor follows the same format as its international versions. A group of contestants have to survive the challenges of living in a jungle and complete Tasks to secure there place in the show. Every week a contestant will be evicted from the island based on the board of other participants.

In the first promo Enigo says to his tribes that they will definitely laughs in today’s challenge. They will get already 25 beat though they will laugh at them. If they take lead then let’s sleep for sometime after they joins with them. We can laugh again after winning the challenge. Aishwarya laughs hearing it.

In the second promo Arjun narrates the rules of reward challenge. Tribes wanna carry one contestant by holding rope edge. If they release the rope tribe will fall into sea and lost in game. He alerts them this rope is sharp one it can able to scratch their skin if they didn’t handle it properly. Gents are holding the rope Aishwarya from Vedargals and Vanessa from Kadargals are compete each other. Later Nandha looses his rope when his hand dislocated. Arjun holds the rope and asks the tribes to help Nandha.

What will happen next? Who will win the reward challenge ? Will Vedargals unite again? What happened to Nandha?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.