Swaran Ghar 10th August 2022 Written Update: Swaran plans to meet Aarav at his school

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In today’s episode, Bebe asks Swaran if she should charge 10 rupees per roti. Swaran says that 5 rupees is fine. They hug each other. Sharvari praises Bebe’s idea. They all clap and sing song, dance together. Bebe sells the rotis to the slum women. Swaran thanks God for everything. She worries for Aarav. Doctor checks Aarav and says that he is in trauma, needs love and proper care.

Aarav takes Swaran’s name. Doctor asks Nimmo and Kiran to call Swaran. Nimmo says that they will handle the matter. Kiran asks Nimmo to call Swaran and asks her to come. Nimmo says no as Swaran is trying to prove herself to be maahan. She might saved Aarav but she would not spare Kiran as she snatched Swaran’s house so Kiran should not ever think about calling Swaran. Kiran says Nimmo that she is right.

Arjun tells Rajeshwari that Swaran saved his life. Rajeshwari says that she paid Swaran for that. Arjun says that he wants to personally meet and thank her. Rajeshwari asks Arjun if that’s the only reason or there is anything else. Arjun says that Swaran wears similar earrings like Sapna and he believes that Swaran has some connection with Sapna, she may help him to reach to Sapna. Rajeshwari asks Arjun to shut up.

She refers him as Goldie like earlier and says that Sapna has cheated on him. She asks Arjun why he can’t forget or hate Sapna like her. Arjun burns his hand while cooking. He says that this pain doesn’t hurts as he is bearing pain in his heart. Rajeshwari says that she won’t let Arjun bear another pain.

Bebe tells Swaran that she has earned money for the first time in this old age. She says that she got the motivation from Swaran only. She asks Swaran to stop worrying for job as she is earnings and she has right on Bebe’s first income. She says that she is the first mother in law of the world who is giving her first income to her daughter in law. Swaran refuses to take it.

Bebe doesn’t listen and gives it to her. Swaran cries and hugs Bebe. Bebe applies oinment on Swaran’s injuries. Ajit worries for Swaran and wishes to help her. He notices two kids of a customer and tries to convince them about hiring a tution teacher to look after their studies. The customer and his wife doesn’t get convinced and they leave the dhaba.

Jai reminds Ajit that they need to arrange money to win the case. Arjun listens RJ Tanha’s show while looking at the starts. Swaran does the same. Ajit brings Jalebi for Swaran. They discuss about Aarav’s incident. Ajit says that nothing could happen to Aarav as Swaran is his D.

Swaran prays for the happiness and wellbeing of her near and dear ones. Ajit prays for staying close the people he loves. He sees shooting star and asks Swaran to make a wish. Arjun makes wish to meet his saviour as she may help him to reach Sapna. Swaran wishes for handling the responsibilities of herself and Bebe well. She also wishes to earn so much money so that she can get Swaran Ghar back. Ajit wishes to stay with Swaran always.

Swaran talks to Sharvari over phone. Swaran overhears Kiran and Aarav’s conversation. Aarav tells Kiran that he wants to meet Swaran, eat parathas, he misses Swaran. Nimmo asks Aarav to buy and eat canteen food. Kiran says that doctor asked Aarav to eat home cooked food. Swaran says that he has brought Kada for Aarav from Gurudwar and she is going to give it to him at his school.

Swaran thinks that she will give parathas and Kada to Aarav and deposit money at bank for Yug. Arjun hears Rajeshwari’s telephonic conversation with Mrs. Gupta where Rajeshwari enquires about Swaran. Mrs. Gupta says that Gulabo sent her who lives in Nayi Basti. Arjun asks Sanju to come as he will go to Nayi Basti. He is determined to find Swaran. The episode ends.

In today’s episode, the kidnappers laugh at Swaran. Swaran recalls everything they did to Aarav. She picks up a tin container and tries to hit them. Ajit beats a kidnapper badly and releases Arjun from the clutches of another kidnapper. Arjun thanks Ajit. Kidnappers keep laughing at Swaran. She throws a pipe at the kidnapper and tries to run away. Swaran locks herself in a car while the kidnappers try to break it’s door. Swaran chants Satnaam Baheguru. Swaran thinks that she knows that she can’t drive car but kidnappers don’t know that. She tries to recall the driving Sharvari once tried to teach her. Swaran takes God’s name and starts the car. She hits the kidnappers.

A kidnapper goes to kill Ajit but Arjun comes at his rescue. Ajit calls Arjun his friend. A kidnapper drags Swaran out of the car. He dumps Swaran’s head in packet of vermilion. Later he notices that bunch of people are arriving on bikes. Police arrive and catch the kidnappers.

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