Swaran Ghar 10th May 2022 Written Update: Team Ginni and Swaran wins the competition

Swaran Ghar 10th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran looking for Ajit. Mickey informs her that Ajit went outside to bring more Visitors for their stall. Swaran worries that Ajit may get headaches due to the heat. Teacher tells Swaran that she will use the product and give her feedback. She tells Swaran that she liked the chemistry of Swaran and her husband. Everyone look confused.

Ginni interrupts her teacher and takes her away from Swaran. Ambar tells that twenty bottles are sold till now. Divya tells that she won’t eat or drink anything until she gets any news of Ajit. Divya asks Dillu about Ajit. Dillu says that Ajit left home. Divya asks where Ajit went. Jai says that Ajit went to Swaran’s house. Divya questions who is Swaran. She says that she will go and meet Swaran, asks her why she is keeping Ajit away from them.

Swaran goes near Ajit and serves him aampanna. She asks him to come inside. Kiran and Nimmo spot them together. Swaran again requests Ajit to leave for his home. Ajit says that she will return in the evening. Ajit realises that he has forgotten his mobile inside Swaran Ghar. Swaran and Ajit come inside. Nimmo pours water on the floor. Swaran slips but Ajit stops her from falling. Rose petals fall on them. Swaran’s dupatta gets stuck in the fan, Swaran gets strangulated. Mickey tries to remove the plug of the fan but fails. Ajit cuts the dupatta from middle using his teeth.

Nimmo says that Swaran is doing dramma, keeps blabbering the truth about Swaran, Ajit, and Ginni’s relationship. None pays attention to Nimmo. Swaran looses conciousness. Swaran’s daughters panicked, Neelu cries seeing Swaran in that state. Ajit asks to bring water for Swaran, Neelu brings water. Ajit sprinkles water on Swaran’s face. Mickey rubs Swaran’s feets and palms. Swaran gains conciousness. Two visitors praise Ajit for saving his wife and collide with Nimmo, Kiran.

Nimmo, Kiran fall on the floor. Ajit makes Swaran drink water. Swaran says that she is fine. Ajit starts scolding Swaran. Neelu asks Ajit to consider her condition and not to scold him. Ajit gives Swaran another dupptta. Swaran refuses to take it as Ajit bought it for Divya. Ajit says that she will bring another for Divya and insists Swaran to accept it. Swaran takes it then.

Divya reaches Swaran Ghar with Jai. Jai asks Divya to think again and asks her to keep her calm inside Swaran Ghar. Kiran informs Vikram about the happenings in Ginni’s school. Kiran also informs Vikram about their plan B of spilking Swaran and Ajit’s drink. Vikram spots Jai and Divya. Divya says that she has to know who is Mrs. Bedi
Vikram asks her why. Nimmo pours alcohol in two glasses and asks a boy to serve Ajit and Swaran. Swaran drops the glass by mistake and drinks aampanna instead. Ambar paises Ajit. Ajit consumes the spiked drink. Ajit tells that Divya won’t spare him if she get to know that Ajit gave her dupatta to someone else. She is very possessive about Ajit as if she has copyright on him.

Vikram abuses Ajit Infront of Jai and Divya. Divya warns Vikram not to say a single word against her father. Vikram informs them that Ajit is at New Era public school right now, standing beside Swaran Bedi, people are calling him Mr. Bedi. He asks them to go and check. Vikram gets lawyer’s call and asks him to meet somewhere outside. Divya asks Jai to take her to the school. Team Ginni and Swaran are announced winner. Ginni and Swaran’s daughter hugs Swaran. They go to the stage.

Swaran looks for Ajit. Swaran is asked to talk about choosing her beauty products for the stall. Swaran thanks Ginni, Mr Bedi, her daughters and Ajit. Before she spell Ajit’s full name Ginni interrupts her and goes to bring Ajit on stage. The episode ends.

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