Swaran Ghar 10th November 2022 Written Update: Chandni outsmarts Saroj

Swaran Ghar 10th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Saroj brings Register and looks for Swaran. She asks Neelima and Kiran about her. She sees that Bebe is applying mehendi on Swaran’s hand. Saroj and Register question her for this act. Chandni says that Balli asked her to do this when he gained consciousness for two minutes. Saroj complains that she did all these deliberately to avoid giving the digital finger prints. Saroj goes to remove the mehedi but notices Khalli Balli written on Chandni’s hand.

Chandni says that she calls Balli using this name. Bebe stops Saroj from removing the mehedi as it may bring misfortune for Balli. Saroj gets convinced. Chandni thanks and hugs her tightly. Saroj leaves with the register. Yug communicates with Swaran over phone and assigns a task to Neelima. Swaran arrives at hospital. Register is about to come face to face with her. Neelima collides with him and blocks Swaran. Register fails to see Swaran and leaves.

Yug shares his plan with Chandni. Bebe asks Chandni to go to Gurudwara with her so that Swaran can come there. Saroj stops them and asks Chandni to stay there till she comes back from the canteen. Yug sees Swaran coming and hides her. Saroj goes to canteen. Chandni also leaves. Swaran comes there. Bebe hugs her. Bebe tells her about spiking her milk. Yug says it was his plan. Swaran calls it wrong as Chandni may land in big trouble because of this. Yug says that he had no other choice.

Bebe asks Swaran to not overthink and go check Nakul. Swaran goes to Nakul. Kiran hugs Swaran and thanks her for everything. Vikram observes them. Kiran apologies to Swaran for everything. Swaran says that she can do anything for her children. Nakul calls Swaran and says that he wants to see her first after opening his eyes. Yug, Bebe come there. Swaran hugs Nakul. Nakul opens his eyes. They get emotional. Bebe sends Yug to check on Saroj. At market Chandni collides with Saroj. Saroj observes her and goes behind her.

She sees that Chandni doing shopping. Saroj criticizes her. Yug asks Nakul not to be like Balli after the surgery. Nakul says never as he is son of Swaran and Kanwaljeet. Nakul tells Swaran that he will do the right things only. Vikram thinks if he can ever rectify his mistakes. Swaran hugs Yug and praises him. Saroj keeps following Chandni and gets tired. She faints. Someone gives her water. Saroj returns to hospital. She questions Swaran. Swaran says that she didn’t go anywhere. Saroj checks her bag and phone but doesn’t find any proof.

Chandni comes there in burkha and enjoys the dramma. She complains about Saroj to Nurse. She says that Saroj must be drunk and asks nurse to examine her. Nurse does the same and finds Saroj drunk. Flashback shows that it was Chandni who noticed Saroj while she was following her and gave alcohol In place of water. Register comes and takes Swaran’s finger prints. Chandni tries to leave. Swaran stops her. Later, she thanks her for everything. They witness a prabhat pheri. Swaran calls Chandni her God.

The episode ends.

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