Swaran Ghar 11th April 2022 Written Update: Swaran is questioned by her sons

Swaran Ghar 11th April 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Swaran recalling Ajit’s words. The neighbors gather at a place to discuss about Swaran and Ajit. They say that they need to take strict action against Ajit. Sharvari protests against them. The rain stops, Ajit sees Swaran and goes to her. Nimmo hopes for something to defame Swaran. She sees Swaran and Ajit together. Swaran asks Ajit to leave. Ajit’s daughter in law gives Swaran’s letters to her husband and tells him that Ajit and Swaran had affair in past. Ajit gave the umbrella to Swaran. Swaran asks Ajit to change clothes as he sneezes. Ajit son tell his wife that he is not convinced as his father will never lie to him. Swaran gives iron to Ajit. He asks her to go to guest room, press clothes and leave. Ajit goes inside. Nimmo gets excited and sneaks in Swaran Ghar.

Ajit’s grandson calls him, Swaran picks up the call. She tries to make him talk to Ajit and tells him to call Ajit home. Ajit’s son cut the call, his wife says that it was Swaran’s voice and Ajit is at Swaran’s place. Swaran asks Neelu to return Ajit’s phone. Ajit presses his clothes inside. Nimmo hides herself seeing Neelu. Neelu returns Ajit his phone and informs him about the phone call from his house. Ajit recalls his son’s words and calls him. He tells his son that he is stuck at work and will tell details after returning home. Ajit’s son realises that his father is telling lie. His wife says that truth can not be hidden, Ajit is at Swaran Ghar with Swaran Bedi. Nimmo takes pictures of Swaran in undershirts to publish more breaking news. Ajit turns back, Nimmo hides herself. Her phone falls, Ajit fails to see her. Ajit feels that there was someone. Nimmo gets stuck in mud and finds her phone broken.

Nimmo goes Infront of Kiran who thinks her as beggar. Kiran’s father calls her ghost. Nimmo’s husband tries to fix the phone but fails. Nimmo asks Kiran to fix it as it has exclusive shirtless pics of Ajit inside Swaran Ghar. Swaran says that she has to stand up for herself forgetting the past. Kiran tells Nakul that last night Ajit Lamba was at Swaran Ghar, was ironing his kurta. Vikram asks Kiran if she has seen the scene. Nimmo says that she has seen and explains the intire incident. Nakul, Vikram and Yug leave for being furious. Swaran talks to Sharvari over phone. She tells her that after whatever happened in past few days noone will like to reside at Swaran Ghar. Nakul, Vikram and Yug enter Swaran Ghar. Vikram asks Swaran Ajit’s whereabouts. Swaran asks them why they are here.

Nakul says that they still carry the surname Bedi, Swaran is still their mother. He says that Swaran has no right to do anything she wish and brings shame to them. Vikram asks Swaran if Ajit was there with her at Swaran Ghar last night. Swaran says that her sons lost their right to question her the day when they brought murder charge of Kanwaljeet against her. Vikram says that Swaran can never tell the truth, they will have to go and find the truth. They will have to find Ajit. They go to the guests room but finds the reporter girl there. She asks Swaran if her sons are troubling her, if so she can handle them in a better way as media has immense power these days. Nakul, Vikram and Yug leave.

Swaran asks the girl what she is doing at Swaran Ghar. The girl tells Swaran that Ajit gave her money and asked her to take care of Swaran. Swaran receives Mickey’s call who tells her about Ginni’s condition to shift with her, also that Ginni needs her grandmother for her school project. Mickey meets with an accident, Swaran reaches hospital. Mickey meets her father as his car hit her and he paid her hospital bill. Mickey asks her father to forgive her but he leaves without paying attention to her. Swaran tells Mickey about her idea of starting working women hostel at Swaran Ghar and asks Mickey if she wants to shift to Swaran Ghar with Ginni. The episode ends.

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