Swaran Ghar 11th May 2022 Written Update: Divya gets mad at Ajit

Swaran Ghar 11th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit feeling dizzy and getting confused about the same. Ginni asks Ajit to come on the stage. Ajit says that he doesn’t know all these. Ajit praises Swaran for for speech and says that Swaran had stage fear in school. Teacher asks if they know each other from school. Ajit says yes, they know each other from school. Ajit says that if Swaran has changed the credit goes to one person. Ginni fears that Ajit will take Kanwaljeet’s name. Someone’s phone rings. Ajit seems to be in food of enjoying. Swaran asks him to behave properly.

Jai and Ankita tries to reach Ginni’s school. Lawyer tells Vikram that they can prove the affair of Swaran,Ajit using that photograph. He asks Vikram to make 8 10 copies of the photograph. Nimmo, Kiran record video of Swaran,Ajit. Ajit shares his and Swaran’s childhood memories with the audience.

Everyone enjoys their banters. Audience request Ajit and Swaran to dance together. Ajit agrees. Swaran leaves the stage. Audience hoots for Swaran and Ajit’s dance. The anchor refers Swaran and Ajit as Ginni’s grandparents and asks them to showcase their talent. Vikram vents his frustration on that photograph. Swaran asks what she has called them. The anchor replies grandmother and grandfather. Swaran questions Ginni about the same. Ajit asks to play the music.

Ambar, Neelu and Ginni says that they will dance if Ajit dances. Ajit starts dancing, others join him. Ajit holds Swaran’s hand, Swaran removes it. Ajit dances romantically with Swaran in his imagination. Swaran looks disappointed and tries to leave. Her dupatta gets stuck in Ajit’s watch. Ajit says that she has to return Divya’s duppata. Swaran forcefully removes the duppata.

Divya sees it and gets agitated. She tries to go and confront Swaran. Jai tries to stop her. Divya says that she will ask Ajit how he can give away her duppata, her rights to someone else. Divya shouts Ajit’s name. Jai forcefully takes Divya away from the school. Kiran, Nimmo tries to hide their faces. At house, Divya vents frustration on Jai.

Ankita wonders how Ajit can dance with Swaran. Divya says that Ajit giving away her duppata to Swaran is a big deal for her. Jai locks Divya in room as last resort. Swaran’s daughters bring Ajit to Swaran Ghar. Swaran throws Ajit’s luggage out of Swaran Ghar. Swaran lashes out at Ajit for his behaviour at Ginni’s school.

Divya breaks stuffs inside the room, tears her remaining duppatas and cries badly. Jai says Ankita that he felt Swaran and Ajit are more than friends and Ajit didn’t look like his father today. Neelu says that someone might spiked Ajit’s drink. Swaran instructs to take Ajit away from her eyes. Swaran asks Ginni why she mentioned Ajit as his grandfather. Ginni says that she didn’t do anything, it was a misunderstanding from the teacher’s end.

Mickey checks Ginni’s project paper and shows Swaran. Swaran says that Ginni took that picture, she was aware of her teacher’s misunderstanding but didn’t rectify it. Mickey tries to seek forgiveness on Ginni’s behalf. Swaran interrupts her and says that Ginni has committed crime by lying. Ambar recalls her deeds. Ginni apologies to Swaran. Swaran says that she felt bad because of her and her Ajit uncle.

Kiran, Nimmo enjoys the video. Nakul, Yug and Vikram come there. Nimmo tries to instigate Nakul. Nakul and Yug leaves with paying attention to Nimmo. Swaran brings bucket of water and pours on Ajit. Swaran orders her daughters to not interact with Ajit until he becomes normal. Nakul tries to confront Swaran but Yug stops him.

Yug informs Nakul that he heard Kiran, Nimmo’s conversation about spiking Ajit’s drink. Nakul says that human says truth while they are intoxicated. Yug reminds him about their relationship with Swaran. He says that Kiran, Nimmo are manipulating them and asks Nakul to think rationally. Swaran recalls Kanwaljeet and Ajit’s words. Mickey gives foot massage to Swaran.

Mickey asks Swaran if Kanwaljeet use to sing for Swaran. Swaran asks if she is comparing Ajit with Kanwaljeet. Mickey says that she is asking normally. Swaran says yes but not like Ajit. Micky says that Ajit’s song was nice. She says that Ajit cares for her and she thinks that he likes Swaran. Swaran looks shocked. Ajit comes back in his senses and wonders if he did or said anything wrong. The episode ends.

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