Swaran Ghar 12th April 2022 Written Update: Swaran welcomes Mickey and Ginni

Swaran Ghar 12th April 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mickey recalling Ginni’s condition. She reminds Swaran about the same. Swaran says that she can be Ginni’s family. Ajit’s son asks Ajit if he was there at Swaran Ghar last night. Ajit says that he was about to inform his son. His son says that Ajit has hidden the truth. Ajit tells him that Swaran’s neighbors tried to throw her out of Swaran Ghar, he saved her. Ajit’s son said anyone could save him.

Ajit said that he gave his words to Kanwaljeet who has mentioned him in his will. His son gave him Swaran’s letters and asked if he was there for that will or the letters. Swaran found cash bundle in rice pot and told Neelu that she had saved the ammount from the monthly expenses. Ajit son says that Ajit and Swaran are writing letters to each other since long even when his mother was alive. Ajit reads the letters aloud to make his son listen to Swaran’s words. The letters were filled with Kanwaljeet’s references. Ajit said that Swaran was his childhood friend, they use to share everything with each other. After marriage Swaran started writing to him with Kanwaljeet’s consent. They use to write about each other family. Ajit’s son realises his mistake, Ajit hugs him.

Nakul, Vikram, Yug, Kiran and Nimmo discuss about Ajit, how he went missing when they went to the guest room. Yug asked Nimmo why she sneaked in like thiefs. Nimmo says that she went to have proofs against Swaran. Nimmo says that Swaran’s sons are living in her house since last 22 days, her tenant had to leave for them. Kiran asked Yug to apologize to Nimmo. Yug tells Nimmo sorry. Swaran does preparations and tells Neelu that she is hopeful about Mickey’s arrival. She tells Kanwaljeet that finally daughter will come to Swaran Ghar. Vikram asks Nimmo about the rent of three months. Neelu says it’s fourty thousands.

Vikram transfers fourty thousands rupees to Neelu, Yug tells Vikram that he will send his share later. Jessica video calls Swaran and apologies to Swaran. Swaran gets to see and talk to her grand daughter Anisha. Swaran gets happy and takes it as Mata Rani’s signal. Mickey arrives at Swaran Ghar with Ginni. Swaran gives them warm welcome. Swaran does kanjak puja with Ginni by washing her feet, putting tika, tieing thread in hand. Neelu tells Swaran that she didn’t like Ginni, Swaran tells her that she knows how to treat the kids as she raised three sons.

Nimmo tells her friends that they have to find out why Mickey came to Swaran Ghar with Ginni and luggages. She plans to fix parlor appointment with Mickey to know the truth. Swaran put up the working ladies hostel poster at the gate of Swaran Ghar. The poster slips from Swaran’s hand but Ajit holds it. Swaran thanks Ajit for sending the reporter girl as her guard. Nakul, Vikram and Yug see Swaran and Ajit together. Ajit asks Swaran if she is sure about the ladies hostel idea as he can help her financially.

Swaran says that she can and wants to manage alone. Vikram tries to remove the poster but Swaran, Ajit stops him. Swaran’s sons question her about the ladies hostel. They say that Swaran wants daughters in her house that’s why she has kicked her sons, she wants to earn money. Swaran says that she has Swaran Ghar she doesn’t need anyone. Her sons says that Swaran will have to remove the board soon. Vikram gives a condition to Swaran that if she can bring 3 tenants within 2 days thay will back out orelse they will return to Swaran Ghar. Swaran agrees. The episode ends.

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