Swaran Ghar 12th May 2022 Written Update: Nakul lashes out at Kiran

Swaran Ghar 12th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit recalling the incidents at Ginni’s school and decides not to overthink. Ambar compares Ajit’s state with Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Ambar adds that both Ajit and Rahul has a daughter. Ajit says that both the daughters are different, if Divya gets to know about Ajit it will be a huge mess. Ajit adds that there is nothing in his heart. Nehmat joins Ambar and tells Ajit that one sided love holds lots of power. Ajit has a long convo about his feelings for Swaran in his imagination. Ajit wonders if there is anything for Swaran in his heart.

Swaran says Mickey that Ajit doesn’t have anything for Swaran in his heart. Ajit will never cross the boundary. He knows the significance and conditions of friendship. Mickey says that heart doesn’t follow any condition, follows no rule. Swaran says that mind always wins the battle of heart and mind that’s why mind is placed above heart. Ajit knows it well that is why he stopped writing letters to Swaran after his wife’s demise.

They use to write to each other with Kanwaljeet’s consent. Mickey says that Ajit has no fault today. Swaran says that it’s the society who decides if someone has fault or not. Swaran says that Ajit is a family man who has his son, daughter in law, grandson, daughter. She is upset with him but more than upset she is worried for him. She doesn’t want his happy family to be spoiled because of her so she keeps asking Ajit to leave her house.

Sharvari asks if Swaran’s sons are responsible for whatever happened in Ginni’s school. Yug comes there. Swaran says that her sons are innocent this time. Sharvari leaves. Swaran asks Yug if he wants something. Kiran asks money from Nakul. Nakul asks her to have some shame after whatever she has done yesterday. Yug says that he has come to give Swaran something.

Swaran opens the gate and signals Yug to come inside. Yug congratulates Swaran for winning at Ginni’s school. He says Swaran that he has bought their favourite pineapple pastry to celebrate. Swaran takes the packet and asks if he will bash her after this. Yug says that they are responsible for Swaran to think like this. He tells Swaran that he had some thing to inform her.

Nakul lashes out at Kiran for insulting their mother in front of everyone, for spiking Ajit’s drink and creating a scene at school. Yug tells Swaran that Nimmo and Kiran went to Ginni’s school and mixed alcohol in Ajit’s drink. Yug leaves. Swaran thinks to talk to Nimmo. Then she thinks about talking to Ajit first.

Nakul says that Kiran has forgotten about all relations. Then Kiran reminds Nakul his deeds, whatever wrong he did to Kanwaljeet and Swaran. Kiran says that Nakul is staying at her mother’s house and asks him to pay the money. Nakul says that Kanwaljeet was right about Kiran and leaves. Kiran wonders who told Nakul all these.

Swaran goes to Ajit’s room with tea. Ajit goes to kitchen and learns from Neelima that Swaran went to his room. Ajit says that he doesn’t want to face Swaran. Ambar tells Ajit not to worry and calls Nehmat to keep an eye on Swaran. Nehmat comes to Swaran. She drinks Ajit’s tea. Swaran tries to reach kitchen. Ambar asks Nehmat to stop Swaran. Nehmat says that she will bring out the guests list and punish the one who spiked the drink. Swaran leaves without paying her attention.

Ajit hides in the freeze. Ambar tries to cover the freeze. Swaran comes and asks her to close freeze’s door. Ambar says that she is enjoying the coolness. Ajit sneezes, Ambar tries to cover up again. Ambar says that Swaran is missing Ajit. Swaran asks her not to joke about the incident. Swaran leaves but comes back again. She sees Ajit’s cup, plate and asks Ajit to come out. Swaran says that she needs justification from everyone but Ajit first. Ajit says sorry to Swaran. Swaran informs Ajit that Nimmo had spiked his drink. Swaran requests Ajit to return to his house. The episode ends.

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