Swaran Ghar 13th July 2022 Written Update: Arjun Deol meets with an accident

Swaran Ghar 13th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Vikram kicking Ajit out of Swaran Ghar and shuts the door on his face. Ajit worries for Swaran and Bebe. Swaran and Bebe walk on the road while recalling past incidents. Bebe says that she can’t walk more. Swaran asks her to hold Kanwaljeet’s photograph to gain some strength. Bebe returns Swaran the photograph and says that she doesn’t need anything when she is with her daughter in law. Bebe praises Swaran’s strong headness.

They decide to stay at the Gurudwar for the night. Arjun Deol, the industrialist calls Ajit while driving his car. Ajit warns him not to poke him. He asks Ajit not to get angry and cuts the call. His car hits Bebe and Swaran and collides with a tree. Bebe falls on the road. Swaran goes to check the car. She finds Arjun in a heavily injured condition. Swaran asks Bebe to stop car for lift to take him to a hospital. A car stops and Swaran, Bebe take him to the nearby MG hospital. Sharvari meets Ajit.

They both worry for Swaran and Bebe. Ajit calls Swaran but Swaran doesn’t see her phone. Doctor checks Arjun and says that he needs a MRI. He asks for Arjun’s phone or wallet to contact his family. Swaran gives his phone to doctor. Nurse asks Swaran to complete the formalities and deposit an ammount. Swaran tells Bebe that they need to deposit 20000 rupees for Arjun’s treatment. Bebe says it’s a big ammount and asks Swaran to wait for his family members to arrive. Swaran says that as of now the man doesn’t have anyone except she and Bebe.

Bebe says that they don’t have any shelter how can they help someone else. Swaran says that when God has given them the opportunity to become someone’s support then there must be something special in them. Bebe becomes happy and supports Swaran. Bebe asks Swaran if she can withdraw the money from ATM. Swaran asks her not worry and shows her the money after withdrawing it from the ATM. Ajit goes to check every Gurudwar for Swaran and Bebe but fails to trace them even after enquiring from local people.

He spots Arjun’s car near Gurudwar and learns from the police that two women and a man was involved in accident. Ajit calls Swaran again but her phone rings in the bushes near the accident spot. Ajit informs Sharvari about the incident. She suggests Ajit to enquire at nearly MG hospital. Ajit goes to the hospital and learns that only a man got into accident not any woman. Ajit gets relieved and thanks the God.

However Ajit fails to spot Swaran and Bebe there. Swaran tells Bebe that she will contact Nakul and Yug after depositing the money. She notices that her phone is missing. Bebe says that Swaran’s phone may fell at the accident spot. Ajit goes to check nearby bus stop and gets into a verbal spat with a person who passes bad comments for Swaran. Ajit beats him badly. Police comes at the spot and stops him. The episode ends.

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