Swaran Ghar 13th May 2022 Written Update: Ajit in a fix

Swaran Ghar 13th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Jai calling Ajit. He informs Ajit about Divya’s arrival and asks him to come home. Ajit says that he will come home. Ajit informs Swaran about the same. Ajit says that she will buy laddo for Divya. Swaran gives Ajit laddo for Divya and the dupatta which Ajit gave her earlier. Ajit takes them and leave. Ajit reaches home and enquires about Divya. Jai informs Ajit that he has locked Divya in room since yesterday. Ajit starts scolding Jai for locking Divya. Jai informs him that he has no option left other than locking Divya. Jai tells that Divya witnessed Ajit dancing in the School, she wanted to go to Swaran Ghar and confront Swaran. Ajit says that he could handle her and takes the key from Jai. Ajit unlocks the door. Ajit get shocked seeing the messy condition of room. Ajit, Jai, Ankita fail to spot Divya in her room, balcony, washroom. Ajit prays to God that if he finds Divya he will listen each and every word of her. Divya comes out of a hidden place and Ajit to promise. Ajit scolds Divya for whatever she done today. Divya starts crying, Ajit hugs Divya.

Swaran buys Bitter Gourd from vendor. Ambar says that she hates Bitter Gourd. Swaran says that she is buying for Ajit. Ambar reminds Swaran that Ajit has left. Swaran and Ambar spots Kiran. Swaran confronts Kiran regarding the matter in Ginni’s school. Kiran and Ambar get shocked. Kiran looks at Ambar. Ambar asks Swaran how she got to know all these. Swaran says that she got to know. Kiran leaves from there. Ajit tells Divya that he and Swaran are from same village, childhood friends and he is just helping her friend. Divya asks Ajit why he is not helping his friend from his house. Ajit says that work pressure at dhaba has increased and dhaba is close to Swaran Ghar. He is doing both managing dhaba and helping Swaran.

Divya asks Ajit why he gave her dupatta to Swaran. Ajit shows him the duppata and tells that he has brought it back. Divya says that Ajit seems to be changed. Ajit says that he will prepare Divya’s favourite dishes to prove that he hasn’t changed. Divya says along with that Ajit has to stay with them. Ajit feeds Divya ladoo to cheer her up. Divya says that the ladoo tastes different from what Ajit makes but she praises the taste of it. Divya tells Ajit that he will not go to Swaran Ghar to meet Swaran.

Swaran offers the money that she earned by selling creams to Kanwaljeet. Swaran brings a box and tells others that it was gifted by Kanwaljeet. He asks him to use it when there will be something very special. Swaran puts the money in that box. Nehmat calls Ajit and informs about Vikram meeting a lawyer whose past records are problematic. Nehmat worries for Swaran and asks Ajit to come over to Swaran Ghar. Divya asks Ajit not to break his promise. Praveen and Neetu Mehta come to Swaran Ghar. They tells Swaran that they run business of herbal products and give order of 3000 bottles of anti aging cream which Swaran’s husband was promoting. Swaran says that he is not her husband.

Divya gets hyper and says that if Ajit can’t promise her he doesn’t want anything from him. Ajit says that he won’t go. Divya becomes happy. Ajit worries for Swaran. Swaran says that the person is her friend, Ajit Lamba. They ask Swaran how much advance she wants and asks about sending contract. Swaran says that she doesn’t understand all these. Ambar tells Swaran that Nehmat will handle all these. Neelu asks from where the ingredients will come. Swaran says that Ajit will bring. Nehmat inquiries about Ajit. Neelu goes to call Ajit, Swaran spots her saying that Ajit is with his family, Divya, it’s better to not disturb him.

Nakul recalls Kiran’s words and drinks alcohol. He says that Kiran doesn’t care for him but his property. He recalls how Swaran use to worry for him. He is thrown out of the bar. Nakul gets hit by auto, Ginni sees him talking to Swaran’s picture. Ajit thinks that he is stuck. Nehmat calls him and informs that the lawyer went out of station. Ambar informs him about the contract. Swaran comes in to enquire about an ingredient. Ambar says that Ajit will handle all these. Swaran says that she will handle and Ajit will stay there with his family. Ajit wonders that how he will keep all these promises. The episode ends.

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