Swaran Ghar 14th April 2022 Written Update: Ajit confronts Nakul and Vikram

Swaran Ghar 14th April 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit saving Jai from the goons. He beats them badly and asks them to reveal the name of the person who appointed them. The goon takes Vikram’s name. Mickey thanks Swaran as she got more customers and appointments later. Ginni tells that their room in Swaran Ghar is great, she said the room might belong to someone who was Swaran’s favourite. Swaran teaches Ginni not to speak when two elders are speaking.

Nehmat arrives at Swaran Ghar. She says that there are many secrets in Swaran Ghar, she wants to know them. She meets Swaran and tells her that she has come to get her signature for the insurance money. Nehmat inquiries about the reel that Swaran has uploaded in the Social media. Kiran reads the comments under Swaran’s reel. She tells Nimmo that she has many fake social media accounts and she made worse Comments under Swaran’s reel using those accounts. Nimmo asks her to make another degradory Comment under the reel. Nakul hears their conversation and confronts them for stooping so low. Kiran manipulates Nakul saying that she is just trying to help them in winning the challenge as only few days are left. Nakul apologies to Nimmo.

Nehmat asks Swaran if she can become the second tenant of Swaran Ghar. Swaran happily agrees and asks her to come over wherever she wishes. Nehmat says that she will shift the next day after court hours. Nakul, Vikram, Yug, Kiran overserve the incident. Swaran sees them and asks Nehmat to come to her own house Swaran Ghar. Nakul, Vikram and Yug block Nehmat’s way. Yug asks Nehmat to not interfere in their family matter. Nehmat mocks Yug saying that he lacks intelligence as he is an actor, she is family lawyer so she will surely get involved in family issues. Vikram tells Nehmat that she read false will of Kanwaljeet that day. Nehmat tells Vikram that they can never find the original will. She challenges them to enter Swaran Ghar and find it out. Yug tells Vikram and Nakul that he will handle Nehmat.

Swaran sends voice message to Ajit informing him about the second tenant and asks him to arrange more tenants. Ajit tries to treat the wounds of Jai. Jai asks Ajit to clean his face instead as he doesn’t like to see her father in that state. Jai also tells Ajit that no matter what he will never leave Ajit’s side. Dillu fails to recognise Ajit. Ajit makes up a story to convince him. Ankita observes the scene. She tries to leave the house with Dillu as she feels unprotected after Jai’s incident. Ajit tells that he is responsible for destroying their peace, he proposes to leave the house. Ajit says that he can’t run away from his responsibilities. He leaves his house avoiding the heartfelt requests of Jai and Ankita.

Ajit blocks road for Nakul and Vikram’s car. Ajit breaks their car’s glass using his hand. He confronts Vikram about the goons’s matter. Ajit warns Vikram to stay away from his family. Vikram tells Ajit if he stays away from Swaran, he will stay away from Ajit’s family. Ajit tells Vikram that his family includes Swaran Bedi too. Ajit asks Vikram to stay away from Swaran aswell. The episode ends.

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