Swaran Ghar 15th August 2022 Written Update: Vikram tries to find Swaran’s address

Swaran Ghar 15th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Swaran getting ready for attending the annual function of school to watch Aarav’s performance. Swaran is excited and goes out. On other hand Aarav asks Kiran if his D will attend and says he will salute seeing her. Kiran feels annoyed. Boy who came to get parathas booked cab for Swaran and asked her not to share OTP with anyone else. Bebe asks Swaran to give lots of love to Aarav and to record his performance.

Rajeshwari asks Arjun why he thought of attending school function. Arjun says he was personally invited by the principal as he feels Arjun can give the children good ideas. Rajeshwari says he can even do business deals with principal. Arjun tells her not to always think about business. Rajeshwari thinks everything is good other than being obsessed for one woman. Swaran sits in cab and driver asks for the OTP. She thinks she shouldn’t give and denies. She gets down from cab and hires auto to go to school. Arjun thinks he is very close to finding Swaran’s address.

Arjun takes her handkerchief from cupboard and remembers how Swaran had saved his life. He sends voice mail to Vikram to find the address soon as he has very less time left. Vikram calls Bebe and talks sweetly to her. She answers rudely and asks what else he wants as Swaran has nothing else left. She prays no one gets child like him. At school, guards dont allow Swaran to enter as she doesn’t have the pass. Aarav’s teacher asks him to go inside but he tells he has to give pass to his Di.

Nimmo fools him and takes the pass. Later she tears it off. Swaran requests guards to let her enter but they don’t listen. She calls Ajit and he comes there. He scolds the guards but they say she cannot enter without pass. Ajit tells Swaran to take his pass instead. But she tells even he has to see his grandson’s performance. Swaran asks him to go and record Aarav’s performance too. She feels tired and thinks how Aarav had said he won’t perform if Swaran doesn’t come.

Jai and Ajit cheer for Dillu as he performs on the stage with other kids. Ajit thinks about showing Dillu’s performance to Swaran via video call. Jai tells Ajit that there is network issues in the premise. Ajit thinks that Dillu’s performance is over, so he will go out, give his pass to Swaran so that she can see Aarav’s performance. Dillu stops him and asks him to wait for flag hosting. Ajit prays to God to help Swaran. Swaran’s earring fall on ground due to heavy wind. Arjun arrives there on car. He asks Swaran if she is fine without seeing her face. Swaran replies yes. Principal calls Arjun. Swaran thinks about requesting the principal to allow her inside. Aarav tells his teacher that he wants to meet his D. The episode ends.

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