Swaran Ghar 15th July 2022 Written Update: Arjun wishes to meet Swaran

Swaran Ghar 15th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran taking 20000 rupees from the anmount offered by Arjun’s sister and returns the rest. Swaran says that she only paid this amount for admitting Arjun in this hospital. Arjun’s sister asks Swaran to keep the rest ammount as reward. Swaran says that she doesn’t need reward as it was her responsibility to help an injured person. Arjun’s sister unwillingly takes the rest ammount back. Bebe suggests Arjun’s sister to take care of his brother. Divya releases Ajit from the jail. Ajit gets his phone back and notices that there is no missed calls from Swaran and worries for her.

Police enquires who is this Swaran for whom Ajit is stressing so much. Divya says that Swaran is no one. After gaining consciousness Arjun recalls about Swaran. Arjun’s sister arrives at his cabin and scolds him for doing rush driving and breaking a costly car. Arjun says that he is reflection of his sister only. She asks the doctor to release Arjun as their family doctor will take over his case. The doctor says that Arjun is alright now and asks them to take care of his medicine only. Arjun’s sister leaves the cabin. Nurse informs Arjun that he is quite lucky as a lady has saved his life twice yesterday.

Arjun asks about her. Nurse says that they had left. Arjun sees Swaran’s handkerchief. Ajit again worries for Swaran. Divya criticizes him for neglecting his self respect, family etc for Swaran. She wishes for Swaran to lose forever. Ajit asks Divya to stop as he only wants to see Swaran safe and happy. Someone calls and informs Ajit that Swaran’s phone was found near Tilak road. Ajit says that he will go and collect it. Ajit asks Divya to leave and have faith in him. Ajit collects Swaran’s phone. He informs everything to Sharvari and says that he will search them nearby. Aarav cries as he misses his school picnic. Nimmo and Kiran blame each other. Kiran says that Aarav could never miss the picnic if Swaran was here.

Vikram asks them not to shout as he wants peace in his house. Kiran reminds him that she own half of Swaran Ghar. They realise that Neelima left as none opened the door for her. Arjun and his sister discuss about Swaran and the hospital. Vikram tells Kiran that he will sell his portion and returns to USA as soon as possible. Nimmo asks Kiran to handle Vikram. Arjun spots Swaran and Bebe on the way. He stops the car and gets down. He get up on a running bus assuming that Swaran is inside. Meanwhile Swaran’s earrings fall on the road. Arjun fails to spot Swaran in the bus and gets down. Ajit also gets up in the same bus and enquires about Swaran. Swaran finds her earring. Swaran and Bebe get into a auto.

Arjun spots her again. Ajit gets down from the bus. Bebe asks Swaran where they will go. Swaran says that she knows it and gives direction to the auto driver. Arjun thinks that he can’t let Swaran go like this as she has saved his life. Ajit thinks that he will find Swaran anyhow. Arjun tells his sister that he wants to say thanks to Swaran. His sister says that she already did that. Arjun says that her money must have said the thanks. She enquires about Ajit and says to send goons. Arju says that he will take back that land legally and with ease. The episode ends.

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