Swaran Ghar 15th November 2022 Written Update: Chandni’s comical revenge

Swaran Ghar 15th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran calls Chandni her sister from another mother for whatever she did for her. She gives her credits for Nakul’s surgery too. Chandni says that she just returned Yug’s favour. Swaran looks at her bag. Chandni asks her to not guess what’s inside it. Chandni asks Swaran about Ajit’s condition. Swaran informs her that Ajit has responded recently and that she has to go and meet him. Chandni asks her to go as she is there to handle Saroj and Balli as Yug is there to protect her. Chandni calls auto.

Swaran hugs her. She cries and thanks Chandni. They ask each other to take care of themselves. Police looks for Chandni. Swaran leaves. She sits in auto and prays for Nakul and Ajit’s speedy recovery. She thinks to make Ajit wear sacred kada, feed him Prasad and make him talk to her. Police arrive at Jai’s place to search Chandni. They fail to find her and leave. Swaran arrives there. A police man spots her but fails follows her. Swaran gets Chandni’s call. She tells Swaran that Saroj has asked her to prepare her favourite dishes. She seeks Swaran’s help to decide what to make. Swaran wishes to come but Chandni asks her to not.

Swaran tells Chandni what all to cook. She thanks Chandni. The vegetable seller recognises Chandni and informs police about her. At hospital, Balli gains consciousness and looks for Swaran. He calls Saroj and asks about Swaran. She says that Swaran has gone market to buy stuffs. Chandni arrives at Swaran Ghar. Saroj asks her to cook as soon as possible as she is hungry. Balli wishes to talk to Swaran. Saroj puts phone on speaker. Balli asks Swaran if she missed him. Chandni says that she missed him more after buying bitter gourd from market. Saroj gets angry. Balli asks her to not interfere. Balli asks Swaran if she wants to go to Nainital or Shimla for honeymoon.

Chandni wishes to teach him good lesson for troubling Swaran. Chandni says that she is feeling shy. Saroj asks her to cook as she is hungry. Swaran feeds Prasad to Ajit. Ajit responds. Swaran prays for him. She tells him about bringing two kadas from Gurudwara one for him another for Nakul. She tries to make him wear the kada but his hand falls. Swaran cries and asks him to wake up. She praises Chandni infront of Ajit and hopes for her well being. Chandni serves food to Saroj. Saroj says that she will kick Bebe, Nakul and Yug out of Swaran Ghar and make Swaran her maid.

Saroj laughs. Chandni mimics her and feeds her forcefully. Ajit opens his eyes and moves his hands. Swaran tries to make him sit but fails. Swaran feels that Ajit wants to wear the kada. She makes him wear it and hopes that Ajit will get cured now. Saroj praises Chandni’s cooking skills and eats everything. Chandni gives evil smile as if she has done something mischievous. Saroj feels disturbance in her abdomen and runs towards the washroom. Swaran calls Chandni God’s sent for them but fears about her safety. Chandni enjoys food while Saroj keeps going and coming out from the washroom. Chandni laughs. Ajit’s body shakes and he falls from the bed. Swaran notices him and gets shocked. The episode ends.

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