Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022 Written Update: Ajit’s cold behaviour

Swaran Ghar 15th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran listens weather update. She learns that Shimla Chandigarh road is blocked due to heavy rainfall and landslides. She fears that she won’t be able to return home today and worries for Bebe. She goes to call Bebe and receives Sharvari’s call. She asks her to check on Bebe and ask Neelu to stay with Bebe for the night. Ajit comes there with a candle. He says that Swaran fears darkness so he has brought the candle for her. Arjun comes there and informs them that the borne fire is ready. Swaran, Ajit go outside.

Arjun’s aunt asks him if Arjun has asked about Swaran and Ajit’s relation. Arjun says that Swaran and Ajit are only friends. Aunt says that she is worried for Arjun, what if Swaran says no. She assumes that Swaran may say no considering the peer pressure of society as Swaran is the mother of three sons. She hopes that Arjun doesn’t get another heartbreak. Arjun asks her to not worry as he will convince Swaran. He asks his aunt to convince Rajeshwari for the marriage. Vikram gets Principal’s call and learns that customers are having allergy after using Swaran Nikhar cream.

Vikram gives him some excuses. Nakul criticizes Vikram, Kiran and Nimmo for compromising with the quality of Swaran Nikhar. Nimmo says that it’s not a big deal. Kiran says that they should celebrate Swaran Nikhar’s success instead of worrying for petty issues. Arjun, Ajit sit by the borne fire along with other tourists of the resort. Swaran serves tea to Ajit. Ajit gives the tea to Arjun. Swaran feels bad realising that Ajit is trying to avoid her. She thinks that she knows Ajit’s value and doesn’t want to lose his friendship. She feels sorry as they are no more young Swaran and Ajit. She hopes Ajit to forgive her. Someone plays RJ Tanha’s show.

The radio starts having some issues, Arjun completes Tanha’s lines. Everyone get shocked seeing RJ Tanha among them. Swaran and Ajit learn that Tanha is none other than their Goldie. Swaran praises Arjun while Ajit hugs and thanks him for helping him out many times in the past. Nakul calls some customers to enquire about their experience with Swaran Nikhar cream. Kiran questions him for doing that. Nakul says that they should take Swaran’s suggestions to deal with the allergy issues. Kiran says that it’s their responsibility and they should handle it by themselves. After borne fire, Swaran goes inside with Arjun’s aunt to sleep.

Arjun asks Ajit to go and sleep. Ajit says that he will not get sleep tonight. Arjun shares an idea. He and Ajit get drunk by the water body. They discuss what love means to them. Ajit asks Arjun if he fell in love ever. Arjun recalls Swaran. Ajit asks him the name of the person Arjun fell in love with. Arjun says ‘S’. His aunt asks him to come inside as it’s very cold outside. Ajit asks Arjun to go alone as he wishes to spend some more time there. Arjun leaves. Ajit falls asleep there. Principal calls Vikram again and says that he wants to return all the creams. Some ladies arrive at Swaran Ghar and complains about having allergy after using Swaran Nikhar cream.

They try to apply the cream on Kiran’s face forcefully. Nimmo asks them to wait for 12 plus days to get it’s effect. They don’t get convinced. Kiran, Nimmo somehow manage to escape from their clutches. Swaran sees Ajit and worries about his health as he got wet in rain last night, didn’t eat anything whole day and now sleeping outside in cold. She comes to Ajit and gives him her shawl. Next day, Arjun drops Swaran and Ajit at Swaran’s place. Ajit tries to leave immediately. Swaran asks him why he is behaving weirdly with her, if she can’t even express her feelings to him. Ajit says no, only he doesn’t have right to convey his feelings. The episode ends.

Precap – Jai calls Bebe and informs that Ajit is having fever. Bebe gets worried and wishes to visit Ajit. She asks Swaran to forget everything and go with her. Swaran says that she won’t go. Bebe asks her to sit back as she is definitely going.

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