Swaran Ghar 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Swaran Ghar 17th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

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In today’s episode, Swaran shouts seeing Ajit. She goes to him and gets happy tears seeing his efforts. She says that Ajit will stand on his feets soon. She makes him lie on bed again. She goes to bring something to feed him. Chandi enjoys her food. Saroj tounge lashes Chandni for her condition. She says that she will complain about her to Balli. She then faints. Chandni says that she has mixed some medicine in Saroj’s food and laughs. Yug calls her to ask if everything is fine. Chandi informs him about Saroj. She clicks selfie with Saroj and goes inside.

Jai arrives and gets happy seeing Ajit. Swaran says that she has made a new dish for Ajit. Ajit shakes his fingers. Swaran feeds him the dish. Jai gives credit to Swaran for Ajit’s progress. Swaran tells Jai that she has to go to stay with Nakul at hospital. Jai says he will book cab. He asks Swaran if police has come again. Swaran says no. She says bye to Ajit and promises him to come again tomorrow. Jai thinks that police might came to arrest Chandni as she is a thief. Chandni checks the jewelry that she has stolen earlier. Saroj hears the sound of calling bell and calls Swaran. Chandni hides the jewelry.

Saroj opens door and gets shocked seeing police. Chandni sees them too and hides herself. They say that they have come to search for a thief. Saroj says that only she and her daughter in law are present at home at the moment. She complains about Swaran to them and goes to the washroom. Police come inside. Chandni gets worried. She recalls Swaran’s words and prays to God for help. Police leave as they didn’t have any lady constable with them. Chandni gets relief.

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