Swaran Ghar 18th July 2022 Written Update: Ajit follows Sharvari’s car

Swaran Ghar 18th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Arjun and his sister listening to their own radio station. Arjun recalls about Swaran while listening. Swaran and Bebe reach a place by auto. Bebe asks Swaran about the place. Swaran says that when she and Kanwaljeet was about to launch Swaran Nikhar they visited this place for the workers to stay.

Swaran meets a lady there and enquires her about Gulabo. The lady introduces herself as Gulabo. Swaran reminds her that Sharvari came there few months back to see plot for factory workers. She asks Swaran if she and Bebe work there. Bebe tries to object but Swaran says yes. Gulabo says that Sharvari didn’t like the plot and shows Swaran the direction of it.

Bebe tries to object but Swaran requests her to see the plot once. Swaran and Bebe see the house. They enter into the plot which is in extreme bad condition. Bebe asks Swaran to go somewhere else as she doesn’t like the plot. Swaran convinces Bebe saying that she will make the place living worthy. Gulabo asks if they will stay or not. Swaran says yes.

Gulabo asks for 10000 rupees deposit, 1 thousand rupees rent in advance. Swaran gives her the money. She asks Gulabo for phone to make an urgent call. Gulabo gives Swaran her phone and asks 10 rupees for it. Swaran gives that too. Swaran calls Sharvari. Bebe asks Gulabo to sit on a chair only to check if it’s fine for her to sit or not. Swaran informs Sharvari about her new address.

Sharvari requests Swaran to come and stay at her house. Swaran says no as this is her and Bebe’s home from now. Sharvari requests Swaran to talk to Ajit as he is really worried for her and Bebe. Swaran says that she will talk to him later not now and gives Sharvari her swear to not reveal her whereabouts to Ajit. Swaran adds that she will contact him after settling everything.

Sharvari agrees and says that she will go to meet her. Sharvari turns and sees Ajit. Ajit enquires about Swaran. Sharvari says that both Swaran and Bebe are alright. Ajit asks about Swaran’s whereabouts. Sharvari says that she can’t reveal as Swaran gave her swear to her. Ajit says ok, he won’t let Sharvari’s promise to break.

Swaran asks for a boom from Gulabo.   Gulabo says that boom will cost 200 rupees per day. Swaran says that she can buy new boom with 200 rupees. Gulabo asks Swaran to buy boom as everything will charge 200 rupees per day at her place. Swaran asks her for a sewing machine for few hours and gives Gulabo 100 rupees for it. Swaran cleans the room. Bebe wishes to help her. Swaran asks her to sit and relax. Gulabo comes with sewing machine. Swaran asks for her phone to make another call to Yug. Yug talks to Vikram who tells him that Swaran went to Gurudwara, her phone must be silent.

Swaran finds Yug’s phone busy. Vikram asks Yug about his work. Yug says it’s a useless role. Vikram recalls about his conspiracy. Swaran returns Gulabos phone who asks for 10 rupees. Bebe scolds her as Swaran didn’t talk. Gulabo leaves. Nimmo comes with Kiran and asks Vikram why he is going to America. Yug hears it and enquires about the same. Vikram says no and cuts the call. Nimmo says that Vikram took loans in America that’s why he needs money. Vikram tries to deny but Kiran says that Jessica called and informed them everything.

Kiran asks Vikram to bring Jessica and Alisha to Swaran Ghar. Vikram says that they need money to survive. Nimmo asks him to make money from Swaran Nikhar. Vikram says that they need investor to run the business. Nimmo says her husband will bring that. Kiran and Vikram say yes for the plan. Swaran cleans and arranges the place for living. Swaran hangs Kanwaljeet’s photograph. She makes curtains using her colorful dupattas. Bebe makes Swaran wear one and says sorry for her harsh words in past. They hug each other, dance together. Arjun reaches his radio station and discuss about the requirement of receptionist there.

Arjun gives the number of Swaran’s auto to a employee and asks her to track Swaran. He calls his lawyer and asks him to prepare a plan B for Ajit’s plot. Bebe plays the radio. Swaran gets motivation and hugs Bebe. She checks old album and says that she will contact Nakul and Yug soon. Sharvari travels to Swaran’s adress while Ajit follows her car. Swaran sees the broken nameplate of Swaran Ghar and recalls about her promise of taking Swaran Ghar back. The episode ends.

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