Swaran Ghar 21st July 2022 Written Update: Vikram and Kiran get scammed

Swaran Ghar 21st July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Arjun noticing his employee talking to someone from his cabin. Ajit sees peacock’s drawing on road and considers it as good luck sign. He prays for Swaran’s job and his land. He calls Swaran and enquires about her job. Swaran tells him that she didn’t get the job. Ajit asks her not to lose hope as he has seen peacock’s picture today. He says that he will send her the picture if he again come across it.

Swaran wonders how she will give this disappointing news to Bebe. Ajit gives money to both Jai and Ankita and is left with 20000 rupees only. Arjun talks to his lawyer and asks him to create more pressure on Ajit so that he can understand where he actually belongs and give up eventually. Ajit’s lawyer calls him and creates pressure on him to arrange the money as soon as possible otherwise he will not appear in the court. Ajit feels helpless and prays to God for help.

Swaran gets thirsty and goes to nearby restaurant to have water. The waiter offers her mineral water but Swaran asks him to serve normal water after knowing the cost. Swaran orders tea. Two customers come to the restaurant to give order for the occasion but the owner of the restaurant denies to take their order. Swaran gets to know from the waiter that those two customers wants their huge order to get delivered by tomorrow 7 am. Swaran meets them and tells them that she knows someone who can help them. She tells them about Ajit’s dhaba. They become happy and pays the bill of Swaran’s tea.

Arjun goes to New Slum area and starts enquiring about Swaran and Bebe. At Swaran Ghar, Nimmo brings a person named Roshan Bajaj who lends money for interest. He offers 1 crore rupees to Vikram for 5% interest rate per annum. Vikram gets happy and agrees for the deal. Roshan goes to give pen to Vikram for signing the papers but drops it intentionally before Vikram take it. Vikram bends to pick the pen meanwhile Roshan’s man adds another paper with the documents secretly. Vikram and Kiran sign on the papers one by one. Nimmo asks Vikram to use the money and run Swaran Nikhar buisness.

Swaran travels to Ajit’s dhaba with the two customers. She also witness the same peacock picture on the road. Swaran reaches Ajit’s dhaba. She tells Ajit everything about the customers and their requirements. The customers say that they need 100 plates food and will pay 500 rupees per plate. Ajit thinks that he can make 50000 rupees from this order by tomorrow and says yes for the deal. He asks his employees to start preparation. His employees say that most of the cooks have gone to their villages so how can they make and deliver the order. Swaran asks them not to worry as there must be some way out. Ajit asks his employees to go and buy the ingredients first. Ajit feels thankful towards Swaran. The episode ends.

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