Swaran Ghar 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Swaran defends Ajit

Swaran Ghar 22nd June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran asking Bebe not to insult her and Ajit’s friendship. She tells Bebe that everyone is misunderstanding them but she will clear everyone’s misunderstanding. Swaran says that more than Bebe she wanted Ajit to leave Swaran Ghar and go back to his family. She later understood why Kanwaljeet gave her responsibilities to Ajit. Swaran adds that Ajit had supported her when the whole world went against her now she will support him. She won’t let Ajit go anywhere. Ajit will leave that day when he will fulfill his promises and leave with his pride.

Swaran shows the cheque to Bebe and says that it belongs to all of them. Everyone leaves. Swaran requests Bebe to take the cheque. Bebe takes the cheque. She recalls Kanwaljeet and gets emotional. Bebe tells Swaran that if she wants her sons to return to her she has to give them their rights. Swaran says that Swaran Ghar and Swaran Nikhar belongs to her sons. She adds that Kanwaljeet had left everything possible for his family now her sons have to prove their ability. Ajit goes to talk to Jai, Ankita and Divya. Divya and Jai show their disappointment about whatever happened inside Swaran Ghar. Ajit gives money to Jai, Ankita and Divya. Divya says that she will take it later. They leave.

In the market Nimmo and Kiran gossip about Swaran Ghar with neighbors. Nimmo says that there is more than friendship between Swaran and Ajit as she believes that a boy and a girl can never be just friends. They call Bebe a villan in the love story. Kiran hides after seeing Bebe. Bebe confronts Nimmo. Nimmo says that they were discussing about daily soaps. They mock Bebe behind her back. Bebe gets angry hearing their conversation. Swaran makes tea for Ajit. Ajit thanks her for supporting him Infront of Bebe. Swaran asks him not to worry as they both will handle their respective families. Swaran gives tea to Ajit and drinks her tea with him. She makes noise like Ajit while sipping the tea. Ajit gets mesmerized seeing her.

Yug comes to Swaran’s room and hugs her. He informs her that he has got the role and has become hero now. Swaran becomes happy. Yug asks Swaran if happiness gets multiplied by sharing. Swaran says yes. Yug says that he will do something. Ajit recalls his conversation with Jai and Divya. He feels that he is giving disappointment to his children. He thinks that he is helpless as he is bound by his promise made to Kanwaljeet. Ajit feels happy as Swaran has defended him infront of everyone. He prays to God for protecting his and Swaran’s friendship from evil eyes. The episode ends.

Precap – everyone dance at Swaran Ghar. Divya arrives at Swaran Ghar and says that she will stay there. Swaran welcomes Divya. Bebe thinks that Swaran is doing a huge mistake.

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