Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Written Update: Nakul, Yug give surprise to Swaran

Swaran Ghar 23rd May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Divya coming out of imagination and thinks about doing something so that everything goes on according to her wish. Divya approaches Swaran and wishes her happy birthday. Divya gives Swaran the kheer she brought for Ajit. Swaran accepts it. Divya says sorry to Swaran for her behaviour of the previous day. Swaran thanks Divya and asks her to stay. Divya says that she can’t as her mother in law has kept bhandara at home. Swaran asks Divya to say sorry to Ajit before leaving. Divya says sorry to Ajit. Ajit hugs Divya. Divya informs Ajit about the bhandara at her in law’s house and asks Ajit to deliver food from his dhaba. Divya asks Ajit to attend the bhandara before 8 pm. Ajit agrees. Divya leaves. Ajit thinks that he will handle bhandara and Swaran’s birthday both.

Swaran leaves for market, Ajit fails to wish her again. Swaran pays the first installment of the necklace she kept mortgaged. Ajit sees Swaran outside jewellery shop and recalls about the necklace. Swaran enters house and wonders why the lights are off. Swaran founds Ajit in the dark. Ajit says happy birthday to Swaran. Swaran thanks Ajit. The lights turns on. Swaran’s daughters shouts surprise. Swaran hugs them. Swaran asks how many surprises they have in store for her. Ambar says it’s just the beginning. Swaran sees Aarav running towards her. Aarav wishes happy birthday to Swaran. Swaran hugs him and thanks him. Aarav informs Swaran that his father and uncle has prepared a special cake for her. Swaran asks Aarav how is his father. Aarav says he is good and he too has come.

Nakul and Yug come in. Swaran thinks it must be her dream. Nakul and Yug wish happy birthday to Swaran. Swaran smiles and thanks them. Swaran looks for Vikram, Nakul says that he didn’t come. Yug says that he believes that Vikram will also come to wish Swaran. Nakul asks Swaran if she is fine as whatever happened till date was not right. Swaran says that whatever is happening at the moment only matters. Swaran hugs Nakul and Yug with teary eyes. Her daughters ask how Swaran liked their surprise. Vikram informs Kiran that food and safety department will close Ajit’s dhaba and he will reveal Swaran and Ajit’s photograph at the birthday party. He says that Nakul and Yug will join his team again. Vikram says that he will get Swaran Ghar today.

Ambar announces about playing antakshari game before cake cutting. She says that one has to sing a song and give Swaran gift. Nakul approaches Mickey. Nakul says sorry to her for that night. Mickey says it’s ok. Ambar asks Ajit to sing. Ajit hesitates, Mickey says that Ajit did all the arrangements so he has to sing. Ajit says Yug and Neelima helped him. Swaran inquiries Yug.

Yug nods and says that he did everything for Swaran. Ajit gets Divya’s call who says that if Ajit can’t come she will order food from somewhere else. Ajit says he will come. Ajit sings song for Swaran. Swaran gets shocked realising that it’s the same song that Kanwaljeet use to sing for her. Ajit gives Swaran her gift. Swaran checks it and gets stunned seeing the necklace she kept mortgaged. Swaran stands up and halts the celebration. The episode ends.

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