Swaran Ghar 24th June 2022 Written Update: Bebe, Divya plan to separate Swaran, Ajit

Swaran Ghar 24th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit gets mesmerized while looking at Swaran. Bebe tells Divya that they have to separate Swaran and Ajit by breaking their friendship. She tells that Swaran and Ajit’s friendship is very strong but they become weak when it comes to their children. They have to make Swaran’s sons feel that Swaran care for Divya more than them. Swaran comes at Divya’s room to give her milk. Swaran says that she will take proper care of Divya, they started on a wrong note but Swaran will make everything good. She asks Divya to take care of her.

Swaran tells Ajit that she doesn’t get Vikram’s matter, how she can bring him back to her. Ajit asks Swaran to do something that Vikram can never expect. Vikram, Nakul and Bebe sit on dining table. Swaran gives ten lakh rupees cheque to Vikram and file of Swaran Nikhar to Nakul. Swaran says that Bebe was right, she should give her sons their rights. She says that they together will handle the business of Swaran Nikhar, Swaran will take care of the operation and her sons will take care of the rest. Nakul hugs and thanks Swaran. Vikram says that Swaran is not doing any favour to them after its their business only. Swaran says that she will teach everything to her sons. Bebe tells Swaran’s sons to learn everything about Swaran Nikhar quickly so that Swaran can sit at home.

Divya comes there and asks if she can sit on the dining table. Vikram says as she and her father trespassed into Swaran Ghar, she can sit on dining table too. Divya asks Swaran about Ajit. Swaran says that she sends Ajit’s food to the outhouse. Divya plans to do something. She acts as she is having Vomitting sensation, rushes to the basin. While rushing she deliberately hits Nakul’s plate and halts his eating. Nakul tries to show it to Swaran but she rushes behind Divya without looking at Nakul’s plate.

Swaran gives lemon to Divya and says that she will make Jaggery ladoo for Divya. Kiran Complains that Swaran never made this ladoo for her. Swaran says that she use to send the lodoos to USA. Nakul agrees with Swaran and says that Kiran never ate those ladoos. Vikram calls someone and informs about the cheque.

Swaran tells Ajit about her move. Ajit worries if Vikram misuse this opportunity. Swaran comes to Bebe’s room and sees that Aarav has drawn moustache on Bebe’s face. Swaran tells Aarav that Bebe does not like all these so she will remove it. Divya comes to the kitchen. Nimmo and Kiran start mocking her. They try to instigate Divya by calling Swaran and Ajit as hero and heroine. They say that Swaran and Ajit have gone to somewhere to do romance.

Divya gives befitting replies to Kiran and Nimmo. They keep taunting and bashing Divya. Divya calls Ajit and asks him to come immediately. She also mixes salt in Kiran’s cooking as a revenge. Kiran, Nimmo go to squeeze onion in Divya’s eyed but Ajit arrives in time. Bebe comes to the kitchen and scolds everyone. Everyone laughs seeing Bebe. Nimmo shows her mirror. Bebe asks who dared to do this. Aarav says that he drew it. Bebe asked Aarav who taught him these. Aarav points at Ajit and says Badepapa. The episode ends.

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