Swaran Ghar 24th May 2022 Written Update: Ajit acts as Kanwaljeet before Bebe

Swaran Ghar 24th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran recieving her sister in law Nirmal’s call and Yug asking her to receive the call. Swaran receives the call, Nirmal wishes her happy birthday. Swaran thanks her. Nirmal enquires about the celebration, Swaran’s mother in law comes in. She wishes to talk to Swaran. She wishes Swaran and enquires about Kanwaljeet. Nakul and Yug looks shocked. She wishes to talk to Kanwaljeet.

Yug greets her, she tells Yug to ask Nakul and Vikram to come and live with Swaran and Kanwaljeet. Yug says that Kanwaljeet went outside. Bebe says it’s impossible for Kanwaljeet to stay outside on Swaran’s birthday. She enquires about Swaran’s necklace. Yug gives her the necklace, Swaran shows it to Bebe. Bebe asks Swaran to call Kanwaljeet and make her wear it. Ajit comes in wearing Kanwaljeet’s shawl and make Swaran wear the necklace. Bebe says she wants to see Kanwaljeet’s face. Swaran stands up but the phone drops from her hand.

Neelu says that she thought if Ajit wear Kanwaljeet’s shawl, he will look like Kanwaljeet. Swaran gets agitated and says that Ajit can’t look like Kanwaljeet. None can look like her Bedi Sahab, none can take his place. She asks everyone not to disturb her and let her stay alone for a while. Swaran asks Neelu to take back the shawl and leaves. Food and safety officers reaches Ajit’s dhaba and enquires about the owner. They say that they have come to seal the dhaba. They ask Ajit’s employees to call Ajit. Vikram secretly observes and enjoys everything. Swaran cries touching the necklace. Ajit comes there and sees Swaran.

Ajit goes to talk to Swaran. Swaran holds her hands and thanks Ajit for whatever he has done for her till date. She asks Ajit to leave her alone. Ajit says that whatever he has done was the need of the situation, he mentions Bebe. Swaran stops him and asks her not to call her mother in law as Bebe. Swaran says that Ajit is wrong as he thinks that everyone has same mindset as him. Ajit says that he didn’t want to see Swaran upset on her birthday, he wanted her to stay happy. Swaran says she is not happy. She asks him not to remove her sadness as her happiness is not Ajit’s responsibility. Swaran says that she wants to stay happy that’s why she wants to be independent and do everything by her own.

Ajit says that he didn’t want Swaran to miss Kanwaljeet. Swaran says it’s impossible that she won’t miss Kanwaljeet. The day she will not miss Kanwaljeet she will die that day as she feels Kanwaljeet’s absence every moment. She doesn’t fear anyone when she feels Kanwaljeet’s presence around her. Ajit can never change her feelings. She says that Ajit is staying at Swaran Ghar only because of Kanwaljeet’s promise. Swaran says that there is difference between keeping promise and taking someone else’s place.

Swaran says that Ajit has crossed the limit today by singing Kanwaljeet’s song and by releasing Kanwaljeet’s necklace. Swaran cries and asks Ajit why he tried to take Kanwaljeet’s place. Swaran asks if Ajit’s thought about taking Swaran to Gurudwar like Kanwaljeet. Ajit nods. Swaran says that he and Ajit’s path are different now and she doesn’t want to see his face ever. Swaran takes the shawl from Ajit’s hand and leaves. Ajit gets a phonecall. His employee informs him about dhaba getting sealed and asks him to come over immediately. The episode ends.

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