Swaran Ghar 26th October 2022 Written Update: Ajit learns Divya’s truth

Swaran Ghar 26th October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Bebe asks Swaran to call at hospital and enquire about Ajit’s report. Yug calls at hospital, Nurse informs him that Ajit’s liver didn’t match with Nakul’s. She also tells that Baljeet Bedi’s liver got matched. She cuts the call and tells Vikram, Divya that they did wrong by forcing her to lie. Vikram thanks Divya for informing him that Ajit’s liver also got matched with Nakul’s. Flashback shows that Divya stole Ajit’s report from the laboratory room earlier. Vikram tells Divya that he also doesn’t want Swaran and Ajit to get married. Divya enquires about Nakul.

Vikram asks her to not stress as he will handle everything. Divya leaves. Vikram thinks that everything is going right, Nakul will get liver, Swaran will get her favourite son back and he will get Swaran Ghar which he lost earlier. Saroj asks Swaran to stop thinking and take action. Balli tells that his offer is valid for limited time only. Kiran cries and requests Swaran to say yes to Balli for Nakul’s sake. Bebe asks Swaran to not say yes and offers to donate her own liver. Saroj laughs at her. Aarav says that Swaran will take the right decision as she is power woman, won’t let anything happen to his father.

Bebe asks Swaran to wait for Ajit to come as he can fix anything and everything. At hospital Vikram burns Ajit’s report and calls Balli. He informs Balli about Ajit’s report and asks him to give him his share after selling Swaran Ghar so that he can return to USA as soon as possible. Ajit hears their conversation. Vikram sees him and runs away. Divya spots Ajit’s scooter outside hospital and panicks. Ajit follows Vikram. Vikram sends goons to capture Ajit. He informs Ajit about his and Balli’s deal. Ajit fumes in anger. Vikram orders the goons to beat Ajit. Ajit beat the goons badly.

Bebe wishes to give poison to Swaran in place of letting her marry Balli. Saroj criticizes and questions Swaran’s charecter after Kanwaljeet’s death and says that only Balli can handle her. Yug criticizes her thinking and compares Balli with Ajit. Saroj asks him to keep quiet.

Saroj takes two garland out of bag and asks Kiran to put one on Nakul’s photoframe beside Kanwaljeet’s. Kiran holds the garland in hand and faints. The goons somehow manage to capture Ajit. Aarav cries seeing Kiran. Kiran gains consciousness. Swaran asks her to have faith in her. Bebe begs Swaran to not say yes as Balli will not give his liver after the marriage. Saroj says that they will stand by their words.

Ajit tounge lashes Vikram for his every action so far. Vikram loses calm and goes to hit Ajit. Divya comes there and stops Vikram. Vikram informs Ajit that Divya is with her in this and it was their joint plan. Ajit gets shocked. Divya tells Ajit that she loves him a lot. She asks him to get convinced and let Balli give his liver to Nakul.

She requests Vikram to not beat Ajit by goons. Vikram asks his men to beat Ajit badly. Ajit criticizes Divya for joining hands with Vikram and says that now she will see her father getting beaten only. Swaran goes near Balli. She and Balli sit before the marriage register for marriage. Yug and Neelima try to stop Swaran. The episode ends.

In today’s episode, Swaran signs on insurance papers. Ankita asks Bebe to have water. Swaran asks Neelima to take Bebe and Aarav home. She asks Bebe for the same but Bebe refuses. Swaran convinces her somehow and sends her home. She asks Ajit’s children to go home but Jai wishes to stay. Ajit says that he will stay there aswell. Yug calls Swaran. Ajit asks him to let Swaran stay alone for sometimes. Swaran recalls past incidents and weeps bitterly. She prays for Nakul before Mata Rani. Ajit comes there. He informs Swaran that Nakul will be cured, he only needs to undergo a liver transplant surgery.

Swaran gets some relief. Ajit says that they have to do hurry. They both get ready to give their livers to Nakul. Balli hears their conversation. Doctor informs patient party that they don’t have time to find donor for Nakul, someone from the family has to give a part of his liver to Nakul. Swaran, Kiran wish to donate. Ajit says that he wants to donate too. Doctor says that only family member can donate. Balli, Saroj make fun of the situation from a distance. Ajit wishes to call marriage register and marry Swaran immediately to be a part of family and give Nakul part of his liver. Divya gets agitated and asks Jai to stop Ajit. Jai criticizes Divya for being heartless and says that Ajit is doing the right thing as Swaran would do the same for them. Doctor says that the donor’s blood group has to be O like Nakul.

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