Swaran Ghar 28th June 2022 Written Update: Dr. Sonam helps Divya

Swaran Ghar 28th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit telling Divya that Swaran knows everything, he will go with Divya some other day. Divya worries that her truth may get exposed. Swaran and Sharvari sit in the car. Sharvari asks Divya if she has decided any name for her baby. Divya says that she hasn’t thought about it. Ajit leaves with Yug by his scooter.

Yug asks Ajit not to be tensed as Swaran and Sharvari will handle everything. Ajit says that he is worried for Swaran, he wonders what Bebe will tell her if she gets to know that Swaran has gone with Divya. Yug asks Ajit not to worry so much for Swaran. Ajit thinks that Yug is right, he should stay in his limit.

Swaran talks to Nakul on phone. She asks him to tell Vikram to be very careful while mixing the ingredients. She tells them to wait for her. Vikram says that he can manage without Swaran. Swaran tells Sharvari that Vikram is very dedicated but he rush things from childhood. Swaran tells Divya to go to doctor’s cabin. Divya says that her doctor is Sonam.

Swaran tells Divya that they have got appointment of doctor Prabha who is the best doctor of the clinic. Doctor Prabha’s assistant asks them to come inside. Divya starts panicking. Bebe sees that Ajit is bringing ingredients home with Yug. Bebe wonders who went with Divya. She asks Yug how Ajit is with him when he went to the market with Swaran.

Doctor Prabha goes to start the sonography but Swaran gets Bebe’s call. Bebe asks Swaran why she went with Divya in place of Ajit. Bebe hears doctor Prabha’s name.

Swaran notices short circuit and alerts the doctor. Ward boy removes the plugs of sonography machine. Doctor says sorry to Swaran and asks her not to worry as they have more machines. Swaran says that Divya is stressed, they will do the test some other day. Divya feels relived. She thanks her doctor friend Sonam on the way. Swaran tells Ajit and Divya that Doctor Prabha has called and asked to come for sonography the next day.

Bebe tells Swaran that next day is very important for Nakul and Vikram, Swaran will stay with them and Divya will go to the doctor with Ajit. Swaran gives a list to Divya and says that she has written what to ask from the doctor. Ajit asks Swaran not to worry. Swaran does preparations. Nakul, Vikram and Yug come there.

Swaran asks Vikram to be gentle with the ingredients. Vikram says that he doesn’t need Swaran’s advice. Ajit tells Divya about calling her husband Param. Divya says that Param is at Delhi and she doesn’t need anyone when Ajit is with her. Ajit praises Swaran Infront of her. Bebe asks Swaran to let Nakul and Vikram stay in the front and handle everything. Swaran says yes.

Ms. Roma arrives at Swaran Ghar. Vikram introduces everyone. Swaran introduces herself, Ms Roma asks if Swaran Nikhar belongs to her. Swaran says it belongs to Kanwaljeet, she is just continuing his legacy while Nakul and Vikram handle the buisness. The presentation starts. Bebe asks Swaran to bring tea/coffee.

Doctor Sonam comes to check Divya. She changes something. She tells Ajit to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Ajit gets emotional. Divya feels sorry about cheating Ajit. Ajit informs Jai and Ankita about Divya. Swaran sends message to Ajit asking about Divya’s condition. Ajit sends him the video. Swaran thanks God and prays for everyone’s wellbeing. The episode ends.

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