Swaran Ghar 28th September 2022 Written Update: Swaran longs to meet Ajit

Swaran Ghar 28th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran checks her phone as it’s not working. Bebe asks her if she is waiting for someone’s call. Swaran doesn’t say that she was waiting for Ajit’s call. Bebe suggests her a way to fix the phone. Swaran follows her instruction. She serves Bebe’s food. Bebe asks Swaran if she will not eat anything. Swaran lies and says that she is not feeling hungry due to eating two samosas in the office. Bebe recalls Ajit’s words and realises that Swaran is starving herself for Vikram. Bebe asks her about Vikram.

Swaran says that she will go to meet him tomorrow and will take his favourite chola aswell. She says that she will convince Vikram to apologise to the ladies so that he can get released soon. Bebe again mentions about Swaran’s marriage. Swaran apologies to Bebe for misbehaving with her that night when Bebe talked about her and Ajit’s marriage. Bebe says that neither she nor Swaran were wrong that day and asks Swaran to think over the matter one more time. She encourages her to take a decision for herself and promises to support her.

Swaran cries as Ajit has not yet come to persuade her. She checks her phone again and finds that it’s stil not working. She spots Ajit’s tiffin box with mitti churi in it and realises that Ajit came there. She eats the mitti churi, smiles as Ajit has not changed. She says that she won’t lose her friend this time as Ajit’s friendship is the reason that she is still alive. Bebe sees her. She thinks that she doesn’t know whom Swaran will choose but none not even God can take away the place that Ajit has in Swaran’s life. Ajit, Swaran hear Tanha aka Arjun’s show. Ajit realises that Arjun is deeply in love with Swaran. Three of them long for the respective answers they are seeking.

Bebe informs Ajit about Arjun and Bua’s proposal. Ajit says that he heard everything yesterday. He asks Bebe about Swaran’s reaction. She asks him to have patience. Bebe complains that Ajit is not listening to her instructions properly and asks him to leave everything on the destiny. Ajit says that he fears destiny as it was never in his favour. Bebe asks him if he won’t be happy for Swaran if she chooses Arjun not him. She suggests him to have faith in Swaran and destiny. At police station, Nakul criticizes Vikram for his foolish act. He says that he doesn’t even have money for Vikram’s bail. Kiran suggests if Swaran asks Arjun Deol he can help them. Vikram agrees and asks Nakul to convince Swaran. Nakul says that Swaran may not be up for this.

Swaran arrives and asks Vikram to accept his mistake, apologise to those ladies. She tries to feed him the food she has brought but Vikram turns his head. She says that she will pray to God and asks him to put senses in Vikram. Vikram looks irritated with her. Swaran cries and leaves from there. Later, she rides Arjun’s car with him and thinks about Ajit. Arjun thinks that Swaran must know about his proposal by now and smiles. He asks Swaran why she didn’t eat anything yesterday. Swaran says that she ate the mitti churi that Ajit brought for her. She asks him if he has ever tasted the dish. Arjun says no. Swaran says that she will ask Ajit to make it for him as he makes great mitti churi.

Arjun asks Swaran what she loves to cook. Swaran again praises Ajit’s cooking. Arjun asks Swaran where she will like to go for coffee. Swaran says that she has heard about some party at office. She suggests to go to Ajit’s dhaba, give him the order and have coffee there too. Arjun agrees. Swaran thinks that she can finally meet Ajit. Ajit reaches his dhaba and spots Swaran there. He thinks that Swaran has chosen him. Then he spots Arjun with her and gets heartbroken again. Swaran, Arjun see Ajit. Arjun hugs him and learns that both Swaran and Ajit heard his show yesterday. Swaran realises that Ajit is still trying to ignore her and wonders what’s in his mind. The episode ends.

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